sE Electronics Reflexion Filter Pro Limited Edition

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  • Patented Multi-Layered Technology
  • Re-Designed Hardware For Increased Stability
  • Minimises Any Intrusive Background Noise
  • Perfect For Recording High-Quality Vocals
  • Special Red Finish And Aesthetic

sE Electronics Reflexion Filter Pro Limited Edition

The sE Electronics Reflexion Filter Pro Limited Edition has been designed and developed to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Reflexion Filter Pro. The construction remains the same with its patented multi-layer technology, but with a limited edition sE Electronics red finish. The filters shell and hardware also features a special black finish for a sleek and stylish look. The filter itself is perfect for capturing high quality vocal recordings in a range of settings from high-end studios to bedroom recording setups. The Reflection Filter helps to minimise any background sound or room reflections, ensuring the best performance from your microphone.

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10th Anniversary Limited Edition

sE Electronics invented the Reflexion Filter in 2006 and quickly became a keystone in many recording studios. The Reflexion Filter is perfect for a range of applications when it comes to recording vocals, from singers and spoken word artists to rappers and more, the Reflexion Filter has been widely renowned as one of the most prominent fixtures in most studios. The filter has been used by a range of legendary musicians from Dr. Dre to Tom Petty to name but two. This 10th anniversary limited edition features the same design and construction that made the Reflexion Filter infamous in the recording industry but with a sleeker, red aesthetic and finish, with limited edition black hardware too.

Patented Multi-Layer Technology

The primary function of the sE Electronics Reflexion Filter Pro is to minimizes any background noise you may incur while recording, whether that be in a high-end studio or your home recording setup, the Reflexion Filter is perfect for a range of spaces. The filter provides a clean and neutral reduction in room reflections, removing any intrusive sounds from your recordings. This is perfect for home recording as it provides an affordable way to get the best quality vocals possible, minimising any outside noise from computer fans to neighbours. The patented multi-layer technology helps to ensure your vocals are encapsulated within the filters area, giving you the fullest and most transparent sound possible while minimising any outside noise. Unlike other models, each layers works with a different portion of the frequency spectrum, ensuring a balanced and neutral sound with no colouration.

Updated Aesthetics

Utilising the same technology used in the original Reflexion Filter, sE Electronics are celebrating 10 years of the filters development with its special sE red finish. This eye-catching red finish is the same as the rest of the product range from sE, keeping your equipment uniformed. The outside of the filter also features a custom engraved '10th Anniversary Limited Edition' badge. The filters' shell and hardware also features a special black finish, with the mounting hardware completely redesigned to improve stability, durability and performance value.

What's In The Box

  • Reflexion Filter® Pro: 10th Anniversary Edition
  • Mounting bracket
  • Screw wrench
  • Mic stand thread adapter
  • Official signed certificate


  • Limited edition version of the renowned sE Electronics Reflexion Filter Pro
  • Patented multi-layer technology helps to minimise intrusive background noises and improve audio recordings
  • Highly-durable construction and hardware, perfect for those on the move.
  • Updated aesthetics with sE Electronics own red finish
  • Redesigned hardware for increased durability and stability
  • Ensures a balanced sound with no colouration
For more information on the Reflexion Filter® Pro: 10th Anniversary Edition please refer to the PDF above.