Vandoren V16 A5M Alto Sax Mouthpiece

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  • Most Popular & Diverse Vandoren Mouthpiece
  • V16 Strength 2.5-3 Reeds Used For Best Results
  • Suitable For Intermediate & Professional Players
  • Dark And Rich Tone

Vandoren V16 A5M Alto Sax Mouthpiece


The Vandoren V16 A5M Alto Sax Mouthpiece is the most popular generic Vandoren mouthpiece available. It offers a huge versatility in genre by enabling the performer to adapt to any piece of music through just one mouthpiece. Its well made design and shape also make it a mouthpiece favoured by many saxophone artists. The S stands for small chamber enabling this mouthpiece to cut through easily for the soloist big band player.

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V16 Alto Sax Mouthpieces

V16 Mouthpieces have been adapted for the saxophonist that requires a dark and deep tone from their jazz playing. With this wonderful tone, the performer will also get fantastic intonation and clear articulation. It is recommended that for optimum performance and sound that Vandoren V16 or Java reeds are used with this mouthpiece.

Popular A5 Mouthpiece Design

A medium sized lip opening of 1.88cm and a medium long facing opening provides the performer with the perfect combination of all aspects when considering a mouthpiece. For this reason it is the most played Vandoren mouthpiece in all genres. it is recommended that Vandoren V16 3 or 3.5 reeds are the most appropriate to use with this mouthpiece.

For more information on Vandoren V16 Saxophone Mouthpieces, please find the PDF above. Can't find that specific mouthpiece online? Please contact us for more information.


  • Tip Opening: 1.880cm
  • Facing Length: Medium-Long
  • Chamber Size: Medium
  • Recommended Reed Strength: V16 3 → 3.5