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The Focusrite brand was established way back in 1985 their latest audio interfaces are designed to interface seamlessly with both Macs and PCs, providing a high-quality audio signal path direct from and to your DAW. View All Information

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About Focusrite Interfaces

At we have a strong working relationship with Focusrite and offer their world class selection of audio interfaces at low prices.

Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 DSP firewire audio interface is tailor-made for modern home studio environments with virtual reference monitoring technology allowing you to hear your mix in different environments, through different speakers and from different positions.

Focusrite Audio Interface News

Focusrite Unveil iTrack One Pre Compact Recording Interface

Able to record both guitars and vocals, the iTrack One Pre can operate with either XLR or Jack inputs, allowing the travelling musician unparalleled creativity.... More »

Focusrite's Clarett 2Pre Now On Sale At Gear4music

The Focusrite Clarett 2Pre interface is on sale at Gear4music. Adept at recording vocals or guitars you can expect consistently stunning performances.... More »

Plug-in Collective Flux Pure Analyzer Studio Session Out Now

Focusrite's January addition to their Plug-in collective lets you analyse and then recreate your audio in real time. Available until the 31st of January.... More »