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Gallien Krueger Milestones

1969: The GMT 226A, most powerful amp of its day, goes to Woodstock with Santana.

1975: The GK 400B is the first bass amp with Contour control.

1981: The GK 200RB is the first musical instrument amp that is rack mountable.

1982: The GK 800RB is the first instrument bi-amp, first with a D.I. and first with a removable AC cord. The most sought after bass amp of the 80’s

1984: The GK 200MB sets the new standard for a studio bass amp.

1995: GK 2000RB is the first 1000W bass head & the first high current instrument amp.

2001: Backline 250BL is the first channel switching bass amp.

2011: GK introduces the MB200. The world’s smallest and lightest 200W bass amp.

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