SJC Tour Series Kits

Gear4music.comSJC Drums Tour Series Kits have it all. Unbeatable quality and attention to detail that only handcrafted drums can offer. Timeless, classy looks that are complimented by a choice of three hardware colour options, and with kick drums starting at 22”, Tour series kits are appropriate for any genre of music and location.

The sensational sound of 100% American maple shells, with deep lows and defined highs and mids. Add in the tuning stability of SJC’s iconic shield lugs and a full set of Evans Level 360 drum heads and you’re looking at a drum kit that all others will be measured against. Available in a range of configurations and hardware colour options, the SJC Tour series was designed to offer a one stop drum solution of the highest standard. View all information

SJC Drums Tour Series Drum Kits

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SJC Drums Tour Series Toms

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