DISC Digital Drums 501 Electronic Drum Kit Package Deal

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  • Named in Best Beginner Drum Kits by Music Radar
  • Responsive Drum Pads + Dual Zone Snare
  • Sound Choice - 10 Kits, 108 Voices, 40 Patterns + User Slots
  • All Cables Hidden in Unique Rack Design
  • USB Connectivity, Aux In for MP3

DISC Digital Drums 501 Electronic Drum Kit Package Deal

The Gear4music DD501 is an electronic drum kit with a dual zone snare encouraging authentic drumming techniques such as rim shots and cross sticks. A responsive kick drum pedal and pad give you an experience very simialar to that of an acoustic kit. A headphone output means you can practice without disturbing the neighbours, whilst a host of connectivity options including aux in and USB provide scope for digital expansion using your computer or MP3 player. There's 10 pre-programmed kits, 108 individual voices and 40 patterns to play along with on this responsive and user-friendly digital drum kit that's ideal for beginners and more experienced players alike.

Included with this kit is a pair of headphones, sticks and a high quality drum stool.

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This kit was named one of the Best Beginner Drum Kits in the World Today by Music Radar - a leading online publication for musicians

Complete Kit

The DD501 consists of 3 toms, a bass drum and a dual zone snare plus a crash, ride and hi-hat cymbals. It includes high-hat and kick drum pedals so you have everything you need to get going.

Authentic Features

The 501 features a snare drum with dual zones that allows you to experiment with rim shots and cross sticks. Once learned, these techniques are easily transferred onto acoustic drums. Exisitng drummers will enjoy being able to replicate familiar actions on electronic drums.

Convient and Versatile Frame

With clear cable-labelling and straightforward assembly, the DD-501 is ready to play in no time. The 501 has a sturdy frame with an authentic lay-out that puts everything within comfortable reach. The C shaped rack allows you to hide all the cables away which is perfect for smaller spaces where cables can get in the way and become a trip hazard.

Quiet and Responsive

The headphone input means that it's no problem to pratice early in the morning or late at night - just plug in and away you go without disturbing the neighbours.

The soft rubber pads are quiet and responsive giving you the feeling of the drums with much less noise. The tough plastic casing around the heads means they are durable enough to withstand hours of practice.

Wide Range of Sounds

The Gear4music 501 kit has 10 pre-set kits programmed into the module so you can quickly find a sound you like from rock and pop through to jazz and house. Experiment with creating your own kits using the 108 individual drum and percussion sounds or play along with the 40 drum patterns of varying difficulty. When you create a kit you like, save it in one of the five user save slots to recall easily later.

Connect and Expand

The DD501 has a full range of connectivity options which add a whole host of extra options for expanding and upgrading this kit. The stereo ouput allows you to connect the drum kit to a monitor or amplifier for extra volume when playing live, whilst the aux in means you can connect an MP3 player and drum along to your favourite tracks.

USB connects the kit to a computer for recording, composition and performance. It can also give you access to a whole host of tuition software and DAW functionality.

User Friendly Controls

This digital drum kit is easy to use with simple, user friendly controls. Whether you're just getting started or simply don't want to waste time with overly complex selection menus and functions, the 501 is accessible to everyone. Mode, page, start/stop and selection buttons sit on the front of the drum module along with a volume knob, and the LCD screen displays all your chosen sounds and settings.

The tempo features allows you to speed things up or slow them down to develop each rhythm. A click feature is perfect to help players with timing or practice drills and the 'drum off' feature can remove the drums from the backing tracks alltogether so you can take the lead yourself.

Amp Pack

This kit is also available in a package deal with an additional SubZero drum monitor as well - Digital Drums 501 Electronic Drum Kit & Amp Pack.


This drumset was reviewed by Music Radar - a leading online publication for musicians.

"This is a great little kit which will give any beginner a good foothold into the world of drumming."

"Thanks to the onboard USB port this kit can be used to play virtual kits that are powered by computer software."

"A unique rack profile...provides a means to discretely hide the cables, making the kit much tidier and safer, too."


501 Kit Pads

  • Tom Pads: 3 single trigger
  • Cymbal Pads: 2 single trigger
  • Snare Pad: 1 dual trigger
  • Hi-Hat: 1 single trigger
  • Hi-Hat Control Pedal: 1
  • Kick Trigger: 1

501 Module

  • Sounds: 108
  • Kits: 10 Preset, 5 User
  • Songs: 40 Preset, 1 User


  • Power Jack
  • Phones
  • Output
  • Mix In
  • USB Port
  • Trigger Input Connector


  • Power Switch
  • Start/Stop
  • Save/Record
  • Kit/Volume
  • Voice/Volume
  • Pattern/Volume
  • Drum Off
  • Click
  • Tempo

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