DISC Meinl MB20-20HC-B 20" Heavy Crash - Brilliant

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  • Completely Hand Hammered into Shape, Brilliant Finish
  • Recommended for Heavy Metal & Rock Music
  • Aggressive Sound, Aggressive Design
  • Musicality & Maximum Projection

DISC Meinl MB20-20HC-B 20" Heavy Crash - Brilliant


A mix of explosive power and tone for cutting projection. Loud and direct with a clarified response.

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Used by many of the world's leading Heavy Rock bands, Meinl's Mb20 cymbals are a combination of superior materials, craftsmanship and strength, resulting in an aggressive sound. These 20" heavy crash cymbals have been developed to meet all of the requirements for today's hard hitting drummers playing loud music.

Hand Hammered

Every Meinl Mb20 Series cymbal is extensively hand hammered into shape in Meinl's own cymbal factory in Turkey. This defines its individual sound which is unique to this cymbal and can never be exactly duplicated.

Brilliant Finish

Brilliant cymbals are polished up to six times to a high gloss finish, they captivate with their reflective surfaces and bright, rich sound.

Heavy Explained

Heavy weight cymbals are mainly used for stronger and more energetic playing. They produce more volume and project a bright, clear, and cutting sound. Ideal for Rock, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal settings.

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  • Length: 50.80cm
  • Width: 50.80cm
  • Height: 3.50cm
  • Weight: 2.15kg