DISC Percussion Plus PP095 Glockenspiel, 2.5 Octave

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  • Percussion Plus Glockenspiel
  • Alloy Bars and Wooden Frame
  • Crisp and Clear Sound
  • Beaters Included
  • Stand and Case Available Seperately

DISC Percussion Plus PP095 Glockenspiel, 2.5 Octave


The Percussion Plus PP095 glockenspiel is a perfect addition to a school or amateur orchestra with its clear sound made by its alloy note bars. The Perfect Pitch glockenspiel has a 2.5 octave span, which is suitable for almost all repertoires. Included with this instrument is a sturdy wooden frame and a pair of beaters to get you going straight away.

PLEASE NOTE - The stand in this picture is available separately.

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Top Quality Manufacture

This Perfect Pitch 2.5 octave Glockenspiel has alloy notebars and is mounted on rubber notepegs on a strong wooden frame and supplied with a pair of beaters. The instrument is pro-tuned to A=400hz tuning standards and the tone and resonance of this glockenspiel is crisp and clear. The stand the glockenspiel is shown on, PP982, is available to purchase separately and a case for this product is also available.


  • Note Range: G59-C88
  • Tuning: A=440Hz
  • Bar Material: Metal Alloy
  • Frame Material: Wooden
  • Beaters: Included