DISC Percussion Plus PP1084 Hand Chimes PP1084, Set of 15

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  • 15 Hand Chimes
  • Ideal for Schools and Music Groups
  • Easy to Play
  • Expandable Set

DISC Percussion Plus PP1084 Hand Chimes PP1084, Set of 15

The Percussion Plus PP1084 Chimes are a set of 15 hand chimes especially suited for schools and music groups.

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The hand chimes are ideal for music groups and schools because they are extremely cost effective and results can be achieved quickly and effectively. They enable players of all abilities and experience to share in the making of music.

A PP2085 can accompany this set to make a fully chromatic, two octave set. Further to this a PP2086 can be added to extend this to a three octave set.


  • Note range: C52 to G71
  • Additional notes supplied: F#58, F#70, Bb62
  • (Individual notes available)
  • Supplied in a padded bag
  • C5 (C52) - Length 42.5cm, weight 347gms
  • D5 (D54) - Length 38cm, weight 314gms
  • E5 (E56) - Length 35cm, weight 289gms
  • F5 (F57) - Length 33.3cm, weight 277gms
  • F#5 (F#58) - Length 31.7cm, weight 265gms
  • G5 (G59) - Length 30.2cm, weight 254gms
  • A5 (A61) - Length 27.2cm, weight 231gms
  • Bb5 (Bb62) - Length 25.8cm, weight 219gms
  • B5 (B63) - Length 24.8cm, weight 213gms
  • C6 (C64) - Length 23cm, weight 200gms
  • D6 (D66) - Length 21.5cm, weight 187gms
  • E6 (E68) - Length 21cm, weight 184gms
  • F6 (F69) - Length 20.8cm, weight 182gms
  • F#6 (F#70) - Length 20.5cm, weight 179gms
  • G6 (G71) - Length 19.2cm, weight 169gms
  • (Length and weight may vary a fraction due to tuning densities of material)
  • All beaters measure Width 2.5cm, Height 2.5cm