DISC - Tama Imperialstar 22" Rock Drum Kit, Ocean Blue Met, Z Pack

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  • Includes: Imperialstar 22" Rock Kit
  • Zildjian ZBT C4P Pro Cymbal Pack FREE Crash
  • HP30 Drum Pedal
  • HT25 Drum Throne
  • Pair Drumsticks by Gear4music

DISC - Tama Imperialstar 22" Rock Drum Kit, Ocean Blue Met, Z Pack


Includes Zildjian ZBT C4P Pro Cymbal Pack, RRP 329. With over 40 years of experience, TAMA knows what drummers really want. Which is why TAMA has the set you need, want, and can afford no matter how long you've been playing drums or what budget you have to work with. Now TAMA has launched the affordable kit to ever incorporate so many high-end features - Imperialstar. Every aspect of the modern drum kit was exhaustively examined, reexamined, and then improved before it was accepted as part of the Imperialstar design. That is why, if you start playing Imperialstar drums now as a beginner, you'll still be enjoying them when you've achieved pro status. That's how good these groundbreaking drums are.

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100 Poplar 6ply Shells:

Poplar wood has been used in making drum shells for over 50 years. It offers a full, warm tone combined with medium attack.

Precise Bearing Edges:

A drum's bearing edge is one of the most important components in drum sound. TAMA's advanced edge-cutting process provides extremely precise bearing edges, which allow TAMA shells to ring openly and fully, and provide a wide range of tune ability, sensitivity and response.

100 Glued Finishes:

Some drum companies only affix their wraps to the drum shell by taping the finish at "selected contact points". At TAMA, all wrapped finishes are glued to the shell 100 to eliminate warping, buzzing or lifting. This process allows the shell to resonate fully and consistently. It's more work, but it's worth it. A difference you can see and hear!

Original Small Lugs:

Imperialstar lugs are 10 smaller than the lugs of TAMA's previous Swingstar Series for even greater shell resonance.

Drum Heads:

Batter side heads are made of clear 250 microns thick film for richer tone and greater durability. Ring mufflers on bass drum heads remove the need for additional internal muffling.

Accu-Tune Bass Drum Hoops:

A special formulation hi-tech material offers lighter weight and faster, more stable tuning than traditional metal hoops. In addition, since Accu-Tune hoops use tension bolts instead of clawhooks and T-rods, head changes and packing up are a breeze.

Spur Brackets:

Imperialstar spur bracket features the same look and style as TAMA's high-end Starclassic drums and provides maximum durability and stability.

Tom Holder:

TAMA L-Rod and Omnisphere tom holder systems have received acclaim from drummers for over 25 years. These systems offer easy positioning, maximum flexibility, stability and greater sound than standard designs which penetrate the shell interior and can inhibit resonance.

Tom Brackets:

The eye-bolt structure is rock solid, holding the toms in place securely.

Features / Specifications:


  • 18" x 22" Bass Drum
  • 8" x 10" Tom
  • 9" x 12" Tom
  • 14" x 16" Floor Tom
  • 5.5" x 14" Snare Drum


  • MTH600 Double Tom Holder
  • HC32W Straight Cymbal Stand
  • HC33BW Boom Cymbal Stand
  • HS30W Snare Stand
  • HH35W Hi-Hat Stand
  • HP30 Drum Pedal
  • HT25 Drum Throne

Zildjian ZBT C4P Pro 4 Cymbal Pack:

  • Pre-matched box set includes: 14" HiHats, 16" Crash, 20" Ride
  • Category: ZBT Series
  • Type: Box Sets
  • Finish: Brilliant Finish
  • Genre: Country, Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, Rock