Ludwig Element Drive 5 Piece 22 Inch Drum Kit, White Sparkle

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  • 400 Lite Series Double Braced Stands
  • B8 Alloy Elements Cymbals
  • Select, Hardwood Shells
  • Durable Sparkle Wrap Finish
  • Includes Cymbals and Hardware

Ludwig Element Drive 5 Piece 22 Inch Drum Kit, White Sparkle

Ludwig Element Drive Drums offer the student player a great choice of options in a quality drum kit. This complete drum package comes with cymbals and hardware so you have everything you need to get practicing and gigging. The Ludwig elements Drive Kit features hand-made, select hardwood shells for solid, powerful tone, 400-Lite Series double-braced stands, and new B8-Alloy Elements Cymbals.

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This Elements Kit comes with reinforced seam moulded acrylic, 9 ply wrapped poplar shells. They also feature a 45 degree inner bearing edge with slight outer bevel.


The Ludwig Elements Drum Kit includes 13, 15 and 18 inch cymbals. The cymbals all use B8 Bronze alloy with the 13 inch Hi Hats featuring a B8 Alloy cymbal top and a brass cymbal bottom which is a great combination for defined hi-hat accents and articulate play. The new Ludwig elements Cast Bronze Cymbals give you projection, tone and durability above many other affordable "entry level" cymbals.

About Ludwig Drums

Established in 1909 by William F. & Theobald Ludwig, the Ludwig Drum Company has since progressed to become one of the world's leading drum manufacturers. William had been a professional drummer, performing and touring with circuses and shows along with occasional gigs. The brothers decided to open a drum shop in Chicago, and called it Ludwig & Ludwig. The company began with a concept for the design and manufacture of a bass drum pedal, but quickly progressed, adding new products to the catalogue including snare drums and timpani.

After Theobald Ludwig died in 1918, William continued by himself, and by 1923, Ludwig had become one of the largest drum manufacturers in the world, employing 240 workers. In the late 20's, Ludwig & Ludwig was sold to C.G. Conn instrument company, and despite staying on to run the company which now belonged to Conn, William Ludwig eventually left to start a new company which he named after his initials: the WFL Drum Company, in 1937. During WWII, the company was producing drums on a small scale but soon grew in size to become one of the main competitors for Ludwig & Ludwig. In the following years, Ludwig & Ludwig stopped producing drums altogether, meaning William and his son Bill Jr. were able to buy the Ludwig trademark back from Conn.

During the 1960's, Ludwig began to receive huge amounts of publicity and their products started to become much more widely recognised throughout the drumming industry. Ludwig started to introduce more and more products to their ranges, with key artists such as John Bonham from Led Zeppelin performing on Ludwig drums and gaining yet more publicity and recognition.

Since the 1960's and 1970's, Ludwig has maintained its status as one of the most popular drum manufacturers in the world. The manufacturing facility remains in Monroe, NC, offering huge ranges of drums and accessories, including full drum kits, snares, percussion, hardware, accessories, and even merchandise. The company also celebrated its 100th anniversary, releasing yet more flagship drumming equipment. Ludwig's snares are often considered some of the best in the business, holding the title of the world's most toured and recorded snares ever. Offering sounds which are often imitated but never duplicated, the snares are available in a huge variety of materials, sizes, finishes, and with different components. Every snare offers unique qualities, but they all share one property. A truly unbeatable sound.

With over one hundred years in the profession of percussion, Ludwig have provided high-quality drums to an extensive list of renowned drummers the world over. Follow in the footsteps of the greats and pave your path to percussion glory through a vast selection of tones, styles and sizes designed to get the best out of your playing.


  • Durable Sparkle Wrap Finishes
  • Keystone Lugs
  • Ball-in-Socket Tom Holder
  • New Tom Bracket
  • Locking Bass Drum Spurs
  • Hardware, Cymbals and Throne Included


  • 22 x 18 Inch Kick Drum
  • 10 x 8 Inch Rack Tom
  • 12 x 9 Inch Rack Tom
  • 16 x 16 Inch Floor Tom
  • 14 x 5 Inch Snare Drum
  • Includes 400 Series Hardware
  • Includes Element Series Cymbal Pack