Pearl Reference 22'' Rock Shell Pack, Purple Craze II

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  • Individual Shell Spec for Each Drum
  • High-Quality Maple and Mahogany Shells
  • Super High Gloss Lacquer Finish
  • Durable Chrome Shell Hardware
  • Shells Fitted with Remo Drumheads

Pearl Reference 22'' Rock Shell Pack, Purple Craze II

The Pearl Reference 22'' Rock Shell Pack is an example of the remarkable capabilities of an acoustic drum kit. The kit boasts a four-piece configuration of quality shells, each with its own unique composition, designed specifically to bring out the best from each shell respectively. Pearl Reference Drum Kits treat each individual drum in your kit as an instrument unto itself. Pearl's Masterworks engineers have developed the perfect thickness, materials and bearing edges for each individual drum size and type. No compromises, just pure performance perfection - backed up by Pearl's OptiMount suspension system for maximum resonance. The Reference Kits deliver maximum projection and are ideal for live performance.

Please note: Snare, tom arms, cymbals and hardware sold separately.

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Perfect Blend of Premium Materials

The Pearl Reference drums feature a unique blend of maple and mahogany woods, used in different configurations and combinations across the whole kit. Each shell has its own unique spec, ensuring each drum delivers its own distinct tonal characteristics and allowing drummers to make the most out of each shell respectively. The result is a promised sound that will provoke creativity every time you sit down to play.

Bass Drum Shells

The Pearl Reference series bass drum shells consist of 6 inner plies of mahogany with 2 outer plies of maple that provide solid and responsive bass frequencies. The bass drum shells also feature a fully rounded bearing edge that allows for maximum kinetic energy transfer from the head to the shell, resulting in a solid punch and ultimate resonance.

Reference Series Toms

The Pearl Reference series rack toms boast a high-quality wood construction, offering great tonal balance and resonance throughout your performances. The larger, 13'' rack tom is constructed from quality maple and mahogany wood, offering a smooth and balanced tone with a powerful low-end kick. The smaller, 12'' rack tom features 6 plies of pure maple for a smooth and balanced tone. Both toms use a rounded 45-degree bearing edge to keep the woods balanced with a solid punch. The 16'' floor tom is also made from maple with inner plies of African mahogany to provide thunderous lows, whilst a fully rounded bearing edge provides more punch and resonance.

Ideal Foundation Setup

The Pearl Reference 22'' Rock Shell Pack offers a foundation setup that can be finished with the hardware and cymbals of your choice and expanded with add-on drums and holders if you choose. When paired with high-quality cymbals, hardware and a snare, the Reference Series drums offer a great experience for virtually any drummer, providing all of the quality features and components which professional drummers and musicians desire.


  • Individual shell spec for each drum
  • High-quality maple and mahogany shells
  • Super high gloss lacquer finish
  • Durable chrome shell hardware
  • Shells fitted with Remo drumheads


  • Bass Drum: 22'' x 18''
  • Rack Tom 1: 13'' x 10''
  • Rack Tom 2: 12'' x 9''
  • Floor Tom: 16'' x 16''


  • Shell Construction: 8-Ply Bass Drum & Floor Tom, 6-Ply Rack Toms
  • Shell Material:
    • Bass Drum: 8-Ply Maple and Mahogany
    • Rack Tom 1: 6-Ply Maple and Mahogany
    • Rack Tom 2: 6-Ply Maple
    • Floor Tom: 8-Ply Maple and Mahogany
  • Bearing Edges:
    • Bass Drum: Fully Rounded Edge
    • Rack Tom 1: Rounded 45 Degree Edge
    • Rack Tom 2: Rounded 45 Degree Edge
    • Floor Tom: Full Rounded Edge
  • Hardware: Chrome
  • Hoops: MasterCast Die-Cast Hoops
  • Lugs: BRL Bridge Lugs with Swivel Function
  • Mounting: Aluminum OptiMount Tom Holders
  • Heads:
    • Bass Drum: Powerstroke3 Bass Heads
    • Toms: Remo Clear Emperor Tom Heads
  • Finish: Super High Gloss Lacquer Finish