SJC Drums Custom Striped 14 x 7 Snare Drum, Blue, White and Black

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  • Unique Custom One Off Snare
  • Proudly Handmade in Massachusetts, USA
  • 100 Percent American Maple Shell with Rich Tone
  • SJC Shield Lugs Offer Better Tuning Stability and Adjustability
  • Stunning Black Nickel Hardware

SJC Drums Custom Striped 14 x 7 Snare Drum, Blue, White and Black


This SJC Drums Custom Striped Snare is another example of SJC Custom Drums dedication to creating the best sounding drums, with a level of beauty and attention to detail that cannot be beaten. This SJC snare has been lovingly handcrafted in the USA, with a 10 ply 100 percent American maple shell offering some of the richest and full bodied tones, and equal measures of long sustain and resonance. Stunning black nickel hardware completes the look of this SJC snare, whilst the vintage throw off offers a quick and accurate action.

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The Snare

The SJC Drums Striped Series 14 x 7 Snare Drum, Blue, White & Black Pearl brings powerful and distinguished tone to the fingertips of the player. With enhanced lower frequencies and even distribution of middle and high frequencies, the sound is clear and supports a wide tuning range making for a good general purpose snare.


The standard SJC snare wires provide a great mix of shell tone and snare wire snap, further assisting the definition of the snares dynamic sound. The SJC Shield Lugs used are durable and offer great stability and adjustability, making for reliable and subjective set up. A vintage throw featured on the snare uses a simple and lateral style throw off that makes practicality and easy operation priority.

Every drum is individually tuned and played to ensure that they are ready to be played upon arrival, meaning that SJC'S astonishing tone is at the players immediate disposal.


With a great sound also comes a great aesthetic.The distinctive SJC badge located on the shell proudly mark the snare as a product of high quality manufacturing and craftsmanship.Built in Massachusetts by the very same craftsmen who create the innovative custom kits The SJC Tour Series retains ultimate sound quality as well as a classic appearance.

About SJC Drums

With humble beginnings in Mike and Scott Ciprari's (SJC) Grandmother's basement, SJC has since developed into one of the world's leading drum manufacturers and suppliers. Always on the cutting edge of innovation, SJC has always focused on making the drummer the focal point of any performance.

With a virtually endless list of custom options, SJC prioritizes the drummer's specific requirements whilst never compromising their classic and unique sound. With an ever expanding list of big names upon their roster, SJC has been a consistent choice for many renowned drummers the world over, emphasizing their commitment to quality and sound.


"I've played on literally every brand of US drums out there, and I've finally found my home. I've been looking from drums like these my whole life. True American hot rod custom kits. From the look and sound to the service and attention, it's good to now be part of the SJC family." Tré Cool - Green Day

"I have no clue how I just barely started playing these drums, they sound incredible! Not sure what rock i was living under. I can't express how proud I am to now be part of SJC and get to play these amazing drums every night." Dave Joyal

"Me being real and honest: I am so proud to play SJC Drums. They have treated me so well since I started playing them 5 years ago. Thank you!" Rian Dawson- All Time Low


  • 10 ply 7x14 Maple Shell
  • Unique Triple Wrap Finish
  • 2.3mm Hoops
  • 20 Strand Snare Wires
  • SJC Shield Lugs
  • Black Nickel Hardware
  • Vintage Throw off