Snareweight #4 Snare Dampening System, Chrome

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  • 2-3 db of Compression for Snare Drum
  • Evenly Smooths Lower-Mid Ringing Frequencies
  • Attaches via Neodymium Magnet
  • Interchangeable Leather Insert

Snareweight #4 Snare Dampening System, Chrome

The Snareweight #4 Snare Dampening System is a simple device made from a 3/4lb chunk of chrome that helps to evenly smooth out the lower-mid ringing frequencies of your snare. It features a neodymium magnet to attach it to the drum head as well as hold the interchangeable leather dampener in place. Snareweight has designed the best and easiest way to dampen snare drums, giving you the freedom to shape your sound the way you want it.

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Chrome Body Piece

Built from a solid 3/4 chunk of chrome to create the single body piece that houses the interchangeable insert and magnet, the Snarewieght #4 adds mass to the head of the drum in order to help smooth out the lower-mid ringing frequencies more evenly whilst retaining the tone of the shell. Connect it to the drum's rim by the magnet, or it can be used together with the Pro Lock to add that extra security as well as secure it to drum rims that aren't magnetic.

Interchangeable Leather Insert

The Snareweight #4 features an interchangeable insert that is constructed using a piece of authentic leather attached to a magnet in order to connect it to the Snareweight's body. The leather helps to dampen the sound of the drum, compressing its sound by 2-3 db which helps to achieve optimum recording levels without the need of outboard gear when mixing. It also provides the ability to rid unwanted frequencies by choosing the insert that matches the drum head.

Neodymium Magnet

The Snareweight #4 includes a strong magnet that allows it to attach itself to the drum as well as keep the insert in place. With its design first created in 2011, specific improvements have been made to the magnet and its enclosure, such as recessed screws that now anchor the magnet and raise the brass lip to prevent the magnet from chipping, as well as an absorber above the magnet to prevent any jittering.


  • Detachable Mass that Soaks up the Ring Whilst Keeping the High End
  • Interchangeable Leather Dampener
  • Weighted and Balanced for the Perfect Contact with Snare Head



  • Width: 1.87"
  • Length: 2.44"
  • Depth: 0.66"


  • Chrome Body Piece
  • Standard Leather Insert
  • Case

CAUTION: - Magnet is extremely strong- keep it away from credit cards, phones, etc. or other devices affected by magnetism.