Tama Starclassic Performer B/B 3pc Shell Pack, Champagne Sparkle

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  • Birch and Bubinga Shells
  • Star-Cast Mounting System
  • Swivel-Wing Tom Holder
  • Evans Drum Heads
  • Die Cast Hoops

Tama Starclassic Performer B/B 3pc Shell Pack, Champagne Sparkle

The Tama Starclassic Performer B/B 3Pc Shell Pack is designed to offer drummers the rich, sonic beauty of a Bubinga shell with the focused attack of a Birch shell. The combination of Birch and Bubinga results in a kit that can produce incredible tones with enhanced lows, perfect for drummers wanting a powerful kick to their sound. Featuring a Star-Cast mounting system, a swivel-wing tom holder, die-cast hoops and Evans drum heads, the Starclassic Performer B/B is perfect for drummers wanting a kit that can be both dynamic and versatile.

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View Full Description

Bubinga and Birch Shells

The Starclassic Performer B/B shells are designed with a unique construction, using 3ply Bubinga for the inner layers and 4-5ply Birch over the top. These two woods work together to create a rich, dynamic tone, offering the focused attack of a Birch shell with the enhanced lows of a Bubinga shell.

Star-Cast Mounting System

Tama’s Star-Cast mounting system provides maximum resonance and stability, with a streamline design allowing the toms to positioned closer together for greater ease and comfort. An aluminium construction makes the mounting system light in weight, providing an true tonal vibration.

Minimum Shell Contact

From the Star-Cast Mounting System to the single small lugs, every aspect of Starclassic was tailored to combine with Tama's ideal of the bare-minimum of shell contact. Instead of metal badges riveted to the shell, Starclassic utilizes a maple air-hole cap and a logo that is imprinted onto the shell before the final finish is applied. These features also contribute to Starclassic's rich, timeless appearance.

Quick-Lock Tom Brackets

Tama quick-lock tom brackets provide a fast and easy way to setup and breakdown your kit. Additionally, once the drum is positioned on legs or a tom stand there is no need to attach and adjust separate memory locks to save the setting. By simply sliding the switch on the bracket, it will separate into two parts, keeping the ''memory lock'' portion on the stand or leg, saving your positioning and making the next set up quick and easy.

Quick-Lock brackets also employ rubber lining for the purpose of reducing vibration transference to the tom stands or floor tom legs; further isolating the drums and enhancing resonance.

Die-Cast Hoops

Tama’s zinc Die-Cast Hoops are manufactured by injecting molten metal into molds, creating a dense hoop that’s more consistent in shape than triple flanged hoops. This design provides the drums with a crisp attack, clear, resonating highs and powerful rim shots. Die-Cast hoops make tuning more consistent and easier to achieve because the tension bolts always contact the hoop properly.

Claw Hooks

The claw hooks stabilize the wooden bass drum hoops, keeping them in place no matter how hard you play. The claws feature built-in rubber lining which help protect the wood and maintain tuning even during long performances. The rubber spaces also help protect the claw hooks and tension bolts form damage when the bass drum is placed on the ground.

Air Cushioned Floor Tom Legs

Starclassic’s air pocket rubber feet are designed with a special air chamber that absorbs shock and helps eliminate the transfer of vibrations to the floor, creating an enhanced and comfortable playing experience.

Evans Heads

Evans heads are featured on the Starclassic Performer B/B’s rack and floor toms. With Genera G2 2-ply clear batter heads and Genera G1 1-ply clear bottom heads, the heads provide both durability and solid sound. The Starclassic bass drums are fitted with Genera EQ4 clear batter heads.


  • Swivel-Wing Tom Holder
  • Bass Drum Spur Brackets
  • Star-Cast Mounting System
  • Air Cushioned Floor Tom Legs
  • Quick Lock Tom Brackets
  • Hold Tight Washers
  • Claw Hooks


  • Shell (Floor Tom/Tom Tom): 4Ply Birch + 3 Inner Plies Bubinga (6mm)
  • Shell (Bass Drum): 5Ply Birch + 3 Inner Plies Bubinga (8mm)
  • Finish: Champagne Sparkle


  • Bass Drum: 16” x 22”
  • Floor Tom:16” x 16”
  • Tom Toms: 8” x 12”

Please Note: Hardware and Cymbals Not Included. Image for Illustration purposes only.