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B.C. Rich Electric Guitars was founded by the late Bernardo Chavez Rico in 1969. Bernardo was a Los Angeles-based luthier who began his career running a humble shop in the early sixties. By 1972 Bernardo began work on the Seagull, its neck-through construction and heel-less design were innovative features for its time. View all information

BC Rich Electric Guitars

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B C Rich Artists

B C Rich users include:

Kerry King (Slayer)
Pat O'Brien (Cannibal Corpse)
Paul Gregoletto (Trivium)
Marc Rizzo (Soulfly/Ill Nino)
CJ Pierce (Drowning Pool)
Phil Campbell (Motorhead)
Lizzy Devine (Vains of Jenna)

And many more well-known artists!

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