DISC Chase Bliss Audio Spectre TZ Through Zero Flanger Pedal

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  • Analog Through-Zero Flanger with Digital Control
  • ModuShape Control for Manipulating the Waveform
  • Ramp Control and Dip Switches Give an Unparalleled Control
  • Bypass Footswitch Activates or Bypasses the Effect
  • Preset Toggle Switch Recalls Presets

DISC Chase Bliss Audio Spectre TZ Through Zero Flanger Pedal


The Chase Bliss Audio Spectre TZ Through Zero Flanger Pedal is an all analogue through-zero flanger, housed in a compact analog unit. It offers a unique variety of flanging effects that cannot be compared to any other pedal on the market.This compact unit is packed full of important components that it doesn't feature any space for a battery. It is an ideal addition to any pedalboard.

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This through-zero flanger pedal is equipped an all-analog signal path that can be dialed in to create any amount of subtle and wacky flange effects, and an impressive array of chorus and vibrato tones. The Spectre pedal is also monophonic, featuring one input and one output jack, and it offers extraordinary sonic options that will revolutionise your tone.

A Range of Controls

Chase Bliss Audio offer plenty of tone shaping options, including the innovative ModuShape. ModuShape offers full control over the shape and midpoint of modulation wave, featuring a width and shift knob.

The Ramp control knob controls the amount of effect you want to achieve, and acts as a wet/dry mix knob for the unique flanging effect, and even adds a tube-like preamp character to the tone. It can also be set to control any of the 5 parameters individually or simultaneously via dip switches on the back of the pedal. Despite the pedal looking rather overwhelming at a first glance, it is actually extremely easy to operate. The zero control feature sets the manual delay time on the flange effect. Next to this control knob, we have the Regen knob which when turned completely clockwise increases the intensity of the flange effect, even to the point of selfoscillation & whale-like noises. This unique variety of tones will make your guitar tones stand out from the crowd.

Toggle Switches

As well as these control knobs, Spectre also features four toggle switches. The first toggle switch controls the tap division for the tap tempo, and its offers 1-2-4 or 3-6-8 configurations. Next to this is the ModuShape toggle switches that allow you to select from 2 sets of waveforms. Options include Sine, Triangle or Square waveforms to create some truly unique sounds. Finally, the last toggle switch which is located between the two stompswitches, delivers access tothe 2 presets.

Spectre is equipped with two sturdy stompswitches that allow you to switch between the tap preset and the bypass. Its solid metal housing ensures all the quality components are intact, and provides a durable pedal.

100% Analog

As with all Chase Bliss Audio pedals, the Spectre features an intelligent 'brain' that keeps the signal at 100% analog, therefore your original tone from your instrument is never digitally processed or compromised. Spectre is also MIDI compatible, enabling you more versatile ways to enjoy your music.


"Spectre is an engineering tour-de-force with so many options in a standard-sized stompbox flanger, let alone an analog one" Premier Guitar

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  • Analog Through-Zero Flanger with Digital Control
  • ModuShape gives user full control over shape and midpoint of modulation wave
  • Six knobs to control Mix, Zero, Regen, Rate, Width and Shift
  • Tap/MIDI input jack can be used for tap input or output with a regular ¼” instrument cable.
  • Tap Tempo footswitch sets the tap tempo and always honours the last two stomps
  • Expression / Ramp control combined with dip switches give an unparalleled control
  • Offers unique sounds alongside your favourite flanging, chorus and even vibrato tones
  • All analog signal path, but with digital control over parameters allow for amazing uncompromised tone and a huge array of possibilities
  • Compact unit full of components and no space for a battery
  • Bypass footswitch activates or bypasses the effect via true relay bypass.
  • Preset toggle switch recalls presets.
  • Exp input jack allows expression pedal or CV control of parameters selected via dip switches on back of pedal. When no parameters are set to Ramp, it manually controls the phaser sweep
  • 6 dip switches in back of pedal gives control of ramping parameters and expression
  • Analog Presets that can be recalled on-the-fly via toggle switch or with MIDI controller
  • Positive or Negative polarity flanging
  • 9-volt operation and standard DC input


  • Controls:Ramp, Zero, Regen, Rate, ModuShape
  • Toggle Switches:ModuShape, 1/2/4 Tap tempo
  • Inputs:Tap/Midi, EXP/CV
  • Power Input:9V
  • Weight:1kg