DISC JHS Pedals Firefly Fuzz Pedal

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  • Boutique Fuzz, Hand Built in the USA
  • Warm and Saturated Overdrive Tones
  • Volume, EQ, Fuzz and Bias Controls
  • Stunning Silver Enclosure with JHS Icons
  • True Bypass, 9V DC Powered

DISC JHS Pedals Firefly Fuzz Pedal


The JHS Pedals Firefly Fuzz Pedal is a compact high quality fuzzbox with a stunning and powerful vintage sound. Offering everything from clean boost to warm blues overdrive, all the way to thick and saturated distortion tones, this versatile pedal is ideal for players of a wide range of styles.

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Versatile Tone Shaping Controls

The JHS Pedals Firefly Fuzz features four controls - Volume, EQ, Fuzz and Bias - giving you a number of tonal options. With the Fuzz control fully turned down, the Firefly acts as a clean booster, allowing you to use the Volume knob to strengthen your pure guitar sound. Increasing the Fuzz gives you a variety of expressive sounds ranging from softer blues tones to heavier distortion ideal for hard rock styles.

The pedal's EQ control works as a High Cut trim pot, allowing you to reduce the treble frequencies for a warmer, fatter tone. The Firefly also features a Bias knob, which alters the amount of power being sent to the pedal's high quality Germanium AC128 transistors. Turning the knob to the right yields powerful tones with excellent sustain, while turning to the left provides a dirtier, grittier sound.

World Recognised Boutique Pedals

JHS Pedals has evolved from a one man, bedroom operation, to a world recognised boutique effects pedal company. All JHS pedals feature a simplistic design, with hand-wired components. Josh Scott, founder of JHS Pedals, began by modifying pedals he had on his personal board, years of touring and session work led Josh to realise exactly what it is that players want from their pedals which meant building them from the ground up to achieve perfection.

Hand Built to Perfection

JHS Pedals are hand-built in Kansas City USA, the company has a core value that JHS builders will never be replaced by robots. Every boutique JHS pedal is made and tested by a highly skilled pedal builder to ensure that every JHS pedal is crafted to perfection.


  • Type: Fuzz
  • Controls: Volume, EQ, Fuzz, Bias
  • Finish: Silver
  • Graphics: Firefly Icon
  • LED Colour: White
  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 1.5", 38 mm
    • Width: 2.2", 55.88 mm
    • Depth: 4.3", 109.21
  • Power: 9V DC Negative
  • True Bypass: Yes
  • I/O Connection: 1/4" Jack

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