DISC Keeley Caverns Delay and Reverb Pedal

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  • Rich and Diverse Range of Sonic Options
  • Incredible Time-Delay Enhancements
  • Studio Quality Multi-Mode Reverb
  • 950ms Analogue Voiced Delay
  • Specially Designed DSP Platform

DISC Keeley Caverns Delay and Reverb Pedal

The Keeley Caverns Delay and Reverb Pedal offers 950ms of analogue delay and studio quality reverb to produce incredible time-delay enhancements. Using a specially designed DSP platform, the Keeley pedal can produce 3 different reverbs, inverse dynamic modulation, and 7 control knobs for full customisation. The pedal can run delay and reverb separately or together, offering rich and diverse ranges of sonic options.

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The Keeley Caverns

The Keeley pedal combines a 950ms analogue voiced delay with a multi-mode studio quality reverb to provide a diverse range of enhancements. Featuring a specially designed DSP platform that’s built in house, the pedal can create dynamic modulations and incredible delay and reverb effects. The pedal not only offers time-delay enhancements, but also features a low noise design for delivering rich and dynamic tones without taking away from your sound.

Diverse Range of Sonic Options

Keeley’s Delay and reverb pedal offers 3 different reverbs and 7 control knobs for adjusting the effects to best suit your sound. The pedals reverb features three different settings, modulation mode, studio plate mode, shimmer mode. Modulation mode offers a pulsing modulation to the pedals reverb, adding musical inspiration with a different take in normal reverb effects. The studio plate mode offers studio quality reverb, with adjustable pre-delay reflections for the ultimate enhancement. The Shimmer mode provides control over the pedals reverb, adding additional prominent emphasis and octave up voices with a twist.

Seven different Control Knobs

The 7 control knobs that the pedal features can be used to shape the effects to suit your sound, offering the best quality possible. The pedals morph control provides further customisation to the pedals reverb, working differently on each mode. On modulation the morph controls the effects chorus depth and pre-delay. On plate mode the morph affects the pre-delay up to 200ms, and on shimmer the morph controls the level of octave.

The pedals Decay provides control over the pedals decay time of the reverb. The tone knob offers tonal control, going from a dark tone to a bright tone. The blend controls how wet or dry your tone it. The time knob provides control over the delay time, providing a delay of up to 950ms. The regen knob controls the number of repeats the delay has, and the level knob controls how much output the pedal has.


  • Controls:
    • Morph
    • Decay
    • Tone
    • Blend
    • Time
    • Regen
    • Level
    • 3-Way Switch (Modulation, Plate, Shimmer)
  • Input: 1/4” Jack
  • Output: 1/4” Jack
  • Power supply: 9V DC 100mA+
  • Height (Not Including Jacks): 4.41”
  • Width (Not Including Jacks): 2.35”
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