DISC Korg PitchHawk-U2 Clip-On Ukulele Tuner

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  • For Guitar, Bass and Ukulele
  • Range of Tuning Settings
  • Clip Style Tuner
  • New Slimmer Body
  • Bright, Easy To Use Screen

DISC Korg PitchHawk-U2 Clip-On Ukulele Tuner

The Korg PitchHawk-G2 is a clip-style tuner for guitar, bass and ukulele. Its colour LCD meter offers the ultimate in visibility with fast, accurate and versatile tuning.

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Clip-On Tuner

The new Korg PitchHawk-G2 can be clipped onto the headstock of your instrument. It features a new high-brightness, high-contrast colour LCD display which gives you excellent visibility on stage. The tuner features a colour LCD display, a high-brightness white backlight and an extremely clear colour VA meter that provide high contrast and a wide viewing angle. In addition to improving visibility, the text and the meter display are colour-coded for dramatically easier recognition. Rather than having to watch the meter, you just need to sense it - instant recognition of your tuning status.

New Slimmer Body

The new PitchHawk-G2 is slimmer and more stylish than ever. The battery holder and buttons have been moved to the rear for improved functionality. It also folds completely flat allowing for easy storage. The four buttons on the rear surface are positioned left/right/up/down for intuitive operation even when out of sight.

Multiple Tuning Modes

In addition to chromatic mode, you get guitar, ukulele and bass modes with flat, capo, drop, string number settings and more.

Strong and Flexible

The double mechanism of a movable arm and ball joint simultaneously provide both durability and a free range of angle settings. Players have the flexibility to position the tuner wherever they need, and the confidence that it will stay in that position. Even if you move around actively while performing, there's no danger that vibration or weight will cause the tuner to shift.

Extra Features

The tuner has a feature great for beginners that will inidicate if the first thign string has been overly wound. There's also a calibration function that allows a variety of concert tunings, the auto power-off function saves the battery if you forget to turn the unit off, and the memory backup function preserves your settings even when the power is off.


  • Advanced Colour LCD provides a new dimension of visibility. A slimmer, easier to use design
  • Dedicated guitar and bass modes and also provides flat/capo settings (PitchHawk-G2)
  • Tuning modes for all types of ukuleles, large and small. (PitchHawk-U2)
  • The high precision and sensitivity that you expect from KORG
  • A clip mechanism that provides strong holding power as well as flexibility.
  • Warning function prevents beginners from over-winding the first string (PitchHawk-G, when in guitar mode)
  • Calibration, auto power-off, and memory backup functions