DISC Origin Effects Cali76 Transformer Lundahl

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  • Premium Quality Compressor with Transformer Output
  • Lundahl Mastering Grade for Ultra Flat Response
  • Ultra fast “FET” Response with Attack & Release Controls
  • Studio-Grade Discrete Preamp with Balanced Line-DI Output
  • Ground-Lift Function to Eliminate Ground Induced Hum

DISC Origin Effects Cali76 Transformer Lundahl


The Origin Effects Cali76 Transformer Lundahl is a compression pedal that features high fidelity, low noise solution with no signal degradation and an ultra flat response. Compatible for both guitarists and bassists, the Cali76 Transformer is equipped with a Lundahl transformer which is linear through and through, and contributes no core saturation, which is a benefit to those looking for a more transparent low-end when used as an insert in the studio or on bass guitar. The perfect tool for using in a studio as its circuitry offers a harmonic rich tone, plus extra connectivity options.

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Lundahl Transformer

The Cali76 is available in two options including the Iron core and the Lundahl. This model is equipped with the Lundahl transformer and delivers absolute transparency and an incredibly wide frequency response, ideal for vocals.

The Lundahl transformer is beautifully transparent compared to the standard Cali76 but is equipped with a more “hi-fi” audio quality. Unlike the CALI76-TX, this model offers the purest audio path for your signal, and features a broad-spectrum frequency response. The Lundahl is especially ideal for vocal recording applications and other mono signal compression duties in the studio, due to its transparent tone.

Live Use

Whilst using on live performances, the Cali76 Lundahl features a high/Low gain switch on the rear of the pedal that enhances the gain by 9dB where it hits the transformer, and provides you with a saturated tone. As well as enhancing the overall sounds, the Cali76 also keeps your tone at a consistent level at the flick of a switch, which enables a saturated sound without the undesirable surge in volume.

Great for Studio Use

The Cali76 Transformer Lundahl is a perfect studio tool, as it can be used as a desk-top insert, thanks to its additional outputs of ground, DI, Pad and gain. This versatile unit allows you to run recorded instruments and vocals through it to achieve signature sound that can be compared to studio monitors. Plug it into your recording rig to process vocals, piano, acoustic guitars and drums, with a vintage, analogue warmth. Compared to existing guitar compressors available, the Cali76 Lundahl offers a more transparent low-end ideal for bass guitar.


"Most compressors can’t compete on this level, it only competes with itself with the variations that are available." Best Guitar Effects

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  • Lundahl mastering grade for ultra flat response 100 Class-A discrete signal path
  • Ultra fast “FET” response
  • Attack & Release controls
  • Studio-grade “discrete” preamplifier
  • Rugged VU-style meter
  • Low noise electronics
  • Class-A discrete output-amplifier driving transformer
  • Dual, low-impedance outputs (via audio transformer)
  • Unbalanced instrument-level output
  • Balanced Line-DI output*
  • Ground-lift function to eliminate ground induced hum
  • Gain-switch adjusts transformer saturation
  • Auto-Shutdown – preserves battery operation
  • PSU Spec. Min: 13mA @ 9V / 72mA @ 18V
  • Suggested PSU Rating: 200mA for optimum start-up
  • Housed in a classic origin effects shell
  • Includes top jack inputs for optimum pedalboard space
  • Designed and built in England


  • Controls:Ratio, Attack, Release, Output, and Input/Comp
  • Weight:1220 g
  • Dimensions:161 x 205 x 71 mm
  • Transformer Type:Lundahl – Mastering Grade for Ultra Flat Response
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