Fender GT Groove Tube 6L6-R High Duet Tube

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  • Groove Tube
  • Red = GT 8-10 rating

Fender GT Groove Tube 6L6-R High Duet Tube


Perhaps the most reliable of the currently made types, with slightly less power and a more aggressive edge when pushed into distortion.

These are the tubes that are used by Fender in amps that use 6L6 tubes and are amps that DO NOT come from their custom shop. These are used in the Hot Rod series, Blues DeVille series, Pro Tube series, BF reissue series.

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If you are trying to match your stock tube rating with the GT rating: On Fender amps, output tubes in newer amps are color coded.

The scale is:

Blue = GT 1-3 rating

White = GT 4-7 rating

Red = GT 8-10 rating