Fender Grip Hand Exerciser, Light Tension

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  • Light Tension Perfect For Strengthening Hands & Fingers
  • Strengthens Hand Grip, Finger Speed, Strength, & Dexterity
  • Ergonomic Design Provides Comfortable Use
  • Exercise All Fingers Together, Individually, or in Pairs
  • Perfect For Musicians & General Applications

Fender Grip Hand Exerciser, Light Tension

The Fender Grip Hand Exerciser, Light Tension is designed to build strength in hands and fingers, perfect for musical and general applications. Designed with the assistance of certified hand therapists, the Fender hand grip’s ergonomic shape provides a comfortable performance, helping you create stronger grip and faster finger movements. Its light tension helps to build strength in the hand and fingers, making it perfect for beginners and general usage.

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  • Improves hand strength and finger speed, strength, and dexterity
  • Exercise all fingers together, individually, or in pairs
  • Great for warming up fingers and hands before activities or performances
  • Ergonomic design provides enhanced comfort and control
  • Light tension is perfect for beginners wanting to strengthen their hands
  • Perfect for musicians and general usage