Line 6 Spider IV 150 Guitar Combo Amp - B-Stock

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  • Top Selling Amp Series in the USA!
  • 2 x 12" Celestion Speakers
  • 16 Dialled in Amp Models and 20 Smart FX
  • Access to Spider Online Resources

Line 6 Spider IV 150 Guitar Combo Amp - B-Stock


As part of the top selling amp range in the USA, the Spider IV 150 modelling amp is hugely popular amongst many types of guitarists. A host of top artists, producers, sound designers and engineers have created and fine tuned the set of 16 amp models - each of which delivers the distinct tones of celebrated American, British or European guitar amps.

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Amp Models Created by Artists and Experts

The 16 amp models in the Spider IV 150 demonstrate a sophisticated touch response, complex distortions and compression that breathes like genuine vintage tubes. The distinctive world amp tones deliver an exceptional playing experience that you'll want to return to again and again.

The 16 models include shimmering clean tones, 60s twang, boutique style, throaty overdrive, vintage blues, classic rockabilly, rounded British distortion, and heavy gain metal and insane shredding tones.

To read a full list of all 16 models on the Line 6 Spider IV 150 guitar amp take a look at the PDF below.

Edit, Store and Share via Computer

Spider IV Edit software is downloadable free from and allows you to edit, store, manage and share your tones. If you want piles of presets the Spider IV is right up your street. Besides the 300+ artist crafted presets and the 200 presets inspired by the best guitar songs of all time you can also create up to 64 of your own presets. Users of the Spider III will hear their favourite presets remastered for Spider IV.

20 Smart FX Models

The Spider IV 150 has 20 different award winning Line 6 effects which can be accessed easily via the Smart FX knobs. Spend less time tweaking and more time playing! The effects include lush reverbs, vast echos and tangy mods, up to 4 of which can be used simultaneously.

To view a complete list of the effects models on the Line 6 Spider IV 150 take a look through the PDF below.

Every effect is fully adjustable with up to seven parameters pre and post amplifier. The Spider IV 150 gives you unparalleled control and sculpting abilities. With the new Spider FX Infusion 2.0 you can add over 50 additional vintage and modern effects to your Spider IV 150 for free. This gives you over 80 total FX all together which is more than any other modelling amp.

Dialled In Tones

50 famous guitarists and bands have hand crafted more than 300 of their signature tones for you to experiment with. The full list can be found in the PDf below.

Then Line 6 have created almost 200 tones based on the best guitar songs of all time including Master of Puppets, Back in Black, Whole Lotta Love, Purple Haze and Smells Like Teen Spirit. For the complete list see the PDF below.

Whatever your style, you can also create up to sixty four custom-made presets. Save each to a Channel memory and recall it at the touch of a button. If you have an FBV Express MKII Foot Controller or a FBV2 Foot Controller you can use these to scroll through and recall presets remotely or to update your amp with the latest firmware updates.

If you fancy trying a more traditional amplifier experience activate Manual mode and all front panel knobs will work independently of one another allowing you to build your sound n a more hands on manner. A large two line LCD screen allows you dive deeper into effects, name your creations and see a visual picture of where your Smart FX knobs are set.

Always Sound Your Best

The in built tuner negates the need for any additional pedals, cables or devices. The 12" Celestion® speaker helps clean tones sing whilst creating responsive overdrives and searing brutal tones. The three quarter closed back cabinet provides a tight, punchy and focused response that you just don't get from an open back cabinet.

Free Access to Spider Online

Spider Online provides even more value to Line 6 Spider IV users. This free online resource offers a combined total of over 500 lessons, tracks and tones created by fellow Spider owners.

To read more about the Spider Online resource please download the PDF below.

Sound Demos

To listen to a few demos of the Line 6 Spider IV 150 please download the MP3s below.

Johnny Marr Trem

311 Cannonball

Blues Green

David Torn Chord Mag

Steve Stevens Solo


"The people at Line 6 have made a name for themselves exhibiting products that feature amp modeling technology ranging from audio interfaces to hardware amplifiers. The successful line of Spider III amplifiers have given Line 6 enough juice to cater for more innovation, fresh features, and updates. This thrust has led to its latest line of modeling amplifiers, the Line 6 Spider IV."

"Bottom Line - this is a killer amp. There are just too many things to like about the Spider IV. It's got great tone, a ton of options and the ability to be loud enough to make your chest pound. What else could you ask for in an amp?" G-v Rover,


  • Power: 150 watt stereo
  • Speakers: 2 12" Custom Celestion® Speaker
  • Amp Models: 16 - Green and Red version of: Clean, Class A, Twang, Blues, Hi Gain, Crunch, Metal, Insane
  • Effects: 20, Tap Tempo, Up to 4 at once, Adjustable Gate, Adjustable Boost
    • Red Comp
    • Fuzz Pi
    • Auto Wah
    • Auto Swell
    • Pitch Glide
    • Smart Harmony
    • Sine Chorus
    • Line 6 Flanger
    • Phaser
    • u-vibe
    • Opto Trem
    • Bias Trem
    • Digital Delay
    • Analogue w/Mod
    • Tape Echo
    • Multi-Head
    • Sweep Echo
    • Reverse
    • Lux Spring
    • Vintage Plate
  • Presets/Channels: 300+ Artist created Presets, Almost 200 song based Presets, 64 user programmable presets, 4 channels
  • Ins/Outs: Headphone/Direct Out, CD/MP3 jack, FBV jack
  • Tuner: Built in front panel chromatic tuner
  • Compatible Foot Controllers: FBV2, FBV Express MKII, FBV Shortboard MKII (all sold separately)
  • Dimensions: 27.5"W x 21.5" H x 11" D, 54lbs
  • Additional Features: 14 seconds of sound on sound looping, manual mode, free access to Spider Online 500+ guitar lessons, tones, jam tracks and more

If you're not quite sure which Line 6 Spider IV would suit you best, take a look at the comparison chart download below.

FBV Foot Controller Connectivity (additional accessory - sold separately):

Spider IV 150 dramatically expands its sonic capabilities with the addition of a Line 6 FBV-series foot controller.

FBV2, FBV Express MkII and FBV Shortboard MKII foot controllers are powerful and durable. Keep your hands on the fretboard while your feet control wah-wah, volume, tap tempo, tuner activation and simple channel switching.

Line 6 FBV foot controllers add hands-free channel switching, wah-wah/volume control and more.

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