Source Audio Soundblox Reflex Universal Expression Pedal - Box Opened

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  • Modulates up to Three Pedals Simultaneously
  • 5 LFO Modulation Bands for Signal Editing
  • Up to 128 Customisable Presets
  • Rugged Aluminium Housing for Reliability on the Road
  • Rubberised Foot Pad for Comfort and Reliability

Source Audio Soundblox Reflex Universal Expression Pedal - Box Opened


The Source Audio Universal Expression Pedal produces extensive effects to your guitar?s sound. Up to 128 types of parameter combinations that can be recalled via the control knob. The LFO shape choices allow you to determine how sharp or smoothly the expression happens. The unit can link up to 3 effects pedals simultaneously, as well as transfer MIDI CC messages. The Universal Expression Pedal is ideal for guitarists looking to develop and further their sound.

Please note, the box has been opened as part of our quality control inspections and as such all the seals have been broken. The item itself is brand new and has never been used.

This is a great opportunity to buy a fully functioning product at a discounted price, supplied with a one year warranty.

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The 128 preset user modes offer users a wide range of modulating platforms. The bright LED lit display means the Reflex can be comfortably used in live venues. The depth, speed and BPM offer quick ways to improve and develop the effect’s sound and are all easily adjustable with the large control knob. The user LFO signal is reserved for you own personal signal type. Using the LFO can achieve a stunning vibrato, tremolo, to a fully expressive synth sound.


The Reflex Pedal allows you to be as adventurous as you require to get the most expressive sound. The pedal can attach on up to three effects pedals, making it ideal to use for building and relaxing a song’s intensity. The MIDI input and output can send up to 3 controller messages to MIDI effects pedals, racks and hardware synths. The device is compatible with all software that has a MIDI based format such as Ableton, Reason, Logic, Traktor and more. This allows you to change parameters on anything from pitch, attack, oscillation and delay from a simple hand motion. The sensor input can control all One Series, Soundblox, Soundblox 2, and Soundblox Pro pedals.


  • Length: 270mm
  • Width: 110mm
  • Height: 76mm
  • Parameters: 5
  • LFO Waves: 5
  • User Presets: 128
  • Inputs: 1 x MIDI, 9V DC, 1 x Multi-Function,
  • Outputs: 3 x ¼’’ TRS Expression, 2 x 1 x 1/8’’ Sensor, 1 x MIDI, 1 x USB
  • Expression Output Dipswitches: 3
  • Casing: Aluminium
  • Feet Material: Rubber
  • Colour: Blue