DISC Behringer UMX490 MIDI Keyboard

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  • 49 High-Quality Full-Size Keys, Velocity Sensitive
  • Over 100 Virtual Instruments and Over 50 Effects Plug Ins
  • Includes UCA222 USB Audio Interface
  • Also Includes Native Instruments' Kore Player

DISC Behringer UMX490 MIDI Keyboard


The UMX490 MIDI Controller from Behringer boasts fantastic flexibility. Its control section works a wide range of applications. Getting independent control of hardware synthesizers or general MIDI sound modules, getting control of effects devices or operating sequencing software or computer plug-ins from a convenient remote location, it's all possible with the UMX490. This easy to use musical tool lets you realise your ideas with less hassle and also comes with the UCA222 USB Audio Interface and Native Instruments' Korg Player!

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What is a MIDI Controller?

A MIDI controller let you take command of any hardware device or software that understands MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface). So, MIDI addressable effects processors (such as delays, reverbs, etc.) and audio recording and editing software can be controlled with a single piece of hardware like this. This can be very handy indeed when you have lots of devices spread.

22 Assignable Controllers

The UMX490 has a range of controls: 8 knobs, 10 assignable switches, 2 wheels (Pitch Bend & Modulation), 1 pedal port and 1 fader, giving you total control of your operating environment. You can store your assigned parameters in your user preset.

Great Playability

This keyboard's custom-designed key-bed gives responsiveness and playability that has been praised by some of the industry?s top product reviewers and players alike.

Included UCA222 USB Audio Interface

Furthermore, Behringer have included their UCA222 USB Audio Interface to access your PC or Mac computer?s audio capability. Use this to connect sound modules directly to any free computer USB port and listen to either the input or output signal via headphones or through active studio monitors. The UCA222 also has an additional S/PDIF optical output for direct digital conversion and is completely powered via USB, so no external power supply is needed. With its dual analog mono inputs, any line-level device, such as a mixer or tape deck, can be connected hassle-free to your computer.

Amazing Possibilities

So what variety of things can you do with the UMX490?:

  • Play external sound modules, rack synthesizers and virtual instruments
  • Edit sound parameters of synthesizers, sound samplers and GM/GS/XG sound generators
  • Control parameters on outboard equipment and software plug-ins, such as effects processors, compressors and digital equalizers
  • Remotely control software mixers (functions for volume, pan, mute, etc.)
  • Live control of volume and sound parameters of sound modules on stage
  • Explore and get creative with 100+ instruments and FX plug-ins

Over 100 Virtual Instruments and Over 50 Effects Plug-Ins

Get creative with a virtual e-piano or amazing synthesizer sounds. You can tweak your sounds with creative tube amps and multi-FX, plus high-end studio reverbs, equalizers, compressors, choruses and many more.

Included Native Instruments' KORE PLAYER

With the Native Instruments? KORE PLAYER you get a production ready 300MB sound library. It includes six Native Instruments sound engines and provides ready-to-play sounds that can be browsed and tweaked via its ultra-intuitive interface.

Power Supply Options

The UMX490 can be powererd from any free USB port on your PC or Mac computer, 3 AA batteries or the optional external power supply.


  • Velocity-sensitive USB/MIDI keyboard featuring 49 high-quality full-size keys and fantastic programming versatility, real-time control and playability
  • USB/Audio interface included for recording and playback of any digital music file. Works with your PC or Mac computer
  • Free audio recording, editing and podcasting software plus 150 instrument/effect plug-ins and ultra-low latency driver downloadable
  • Plug and play with Mac OS X and Windows XP or higher operating systems
  • 8 real-time rotary controls plus 10 assignable switches
  • Freely assign MIDI control changes to the modulation wheel, volume fader and pedal port for ultimate flexibility
  • Full 128 tone range via the octave shift function with multi-purpose LED status indication
  • Separate MIDI Out allows controlling external samplers, synths and other equipment
  • Runs via USB, batteries or power adapter (not included)
  • High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life

USB Connections

  • Type: Type B; USB 1.1

Midi Connections

  • Type: 5-pin DIN plug
  • Control Elements:

  • Controller:
    • 1 control wheel with centre reset
    • 1 conrtol wheel without centre reset
    • 8 rotary knobs
    • 1 fader
  • Buttons: 12 buttons
  • Keyboard: 49 Keys; velocity-sensitive

Switch Plug

  • Foot Pedal: 1/4" Mono Jack with automatic polarity recognition

Power Supply

  • USB
  • Battery: 3 x 1.5 (Type "AA")
  • Power Connector:
    • 2 mm DC jack, negative center 9 V, 100 mA DC, regulated
    • UK/Australia: 230 V~, 50Hz
    • Europe: 230 V~, 50 Hz
  • Power Consumption: max. 0.9W

Physical Specs:

  • Dimensions (Approx.): 215 x 97 x 990 mm
  • Weight: (Approx.): 8 19/87 lbs (3.90 kg)

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