DISC CUBEAT Drum Machine and MIDI Controller for iPad & PC

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  • MIDI Controller for PC and Mac Devices
  • Plug and Play Device
  • iPad App Compatible
  • Easy to Use Learning Tool
  • Great Accessory for Drummers and For Studio

DISC CUBEAT Drum Machine and MIDI Controller for iPad & PC


The CUBEAT MIDI controller and drum machine is a versatile device suitable for drummers and studio technicians. This sleek and elegant controller is 'plug and play' compatible and can be used on almost all Windows and Mac computer software. The iPad app has a comprehensive tutorial for learning to read drum music and a game function to play along to a multitude of tracks. As well as that, you can simply create your own beats with the eight in-built drum sets.

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Plug and Play MIDI Controller

The CUBEAT is a versatile MIDI controller. Using plug and play connectivity, this device has all the drivers pre-installed allowing it to simply and easily connect to all of your favourite DAWs, including Cubase, Ableton and Garage Band. The device will work with Windows and Mac computers, as well as any iPad app that works with MIDI!

Sleek Design

This device contains six pads measuring 90 x 70mm in side, making them easy to hit while keeping the product compact. All the pads light up in their individual colour when struck and are velocity sensitive. The triggers on the pads are sensitive and will pick up even the smallest hits. Included are two foot pedals for bass drum and hi-hat to replicate a proper drum kit.

Everything You Need

The CUBEAT comes with all the necessary accessories you need to get going. All the cables that you might require have been included, including 30 pin and lightening cables to connect your CUBEAT to all versions of iPad. As well as that, a USB charger cable and signal USB cable have been provided to connect the device to a computer. As well as this, an angled iPad stand has been included and a pair of small sticks completes a complete package.


The CUBEAT comes with a dedicated iPad app specifically designed for the CUBEAT. The app consists of three sections that give you everything you want as a drummer. Simply download this from Apple's App Store for free!

The first section or 'Boot Camp' allows you to learn the basics of drum notation and rhythms, including sheet music examples and play-a-long lessons and tests. This is great for beginner drummers who wish to start to learn basic skills. A set of five subjects, totalling 50 lessons and five final tests covers a comprehensive amount of material to cover beginner drum playing.

The 'Groove Coach' is an interactive playing source where you can develop your ensemble playing skills. You can play any of the 18 songs in four different difficulty settings, either using the interactive sheet music or with a 'follow the lights' method.

The 'Free Play' section allows you to make your own beats at your own leisure using any of the six in-built drum sets. Alternatively, you can play along to any track in your itunes library. You can also record your sessions and listen back to them whenever you want!

For more information about the CUBEAT App, please click here.



  • Number of Pads: 6 Light-up Pads + 2 Foot Pads
  • Compatibility: Works with Windows, Mac and iPad
  • Installation: Plug and Play
  • Colour: White
  • Battery Life: Up To 7 Hours
  • Dimensions: 330 x 225 x 27.5mm
  • Weight: 1.47kg
  • Cables: USB, USB Charger, Lightning, 30 Pin
  • Accessories: iPad Cradle, Drum Sticks
  • Please Note: iPad Not Included


  • Functions: Boot Camp, Groove Coach and Free Play
  • Preset Songs: 18 with 4 Difficulty Settings
  • Lessons and Tests: 50 Lessons, 5 Final Tests
  • Preset Kits: 5
  • Price: Free!