DISC Denon DJ DNS1200 Hybrid CD USB Media Player

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  • Mix Tracks from CD's and USB Storage Devices
  • Built-In Flanger, Filter, Echo and Echo/Loop Effects
  • Multi-Functional Touch Sensitive Jog Disc
  • USB / MIDI Compatible
  • Analog and Digital Outputs

DISC Denon DJ DNS1200 Hybrid CD USB Media Player

The Denon DJ DNS1200 Hybrid CD USB Media Player is a compact and high performance CD/USB media player which also has the ability to control a range of DJ software and integrate with other hardware to complete any live DJ set up. Featuring a 110mm touch sensitive platter, large fader, backlit button controls, on board effects, high quality CD player and external USB device connection the DNS1200 is a versatile and robust DJ media player and controller.

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External USB Device Compatibility

The Denon DNS1200 not only provides high quality playback from CD's but also has the ability to support and playback from an external USB mass storage device. Simply connect your iPod or USB hard drive to the DNS1200 and have complete control over your music collection of up to 50,000 files. The USB functionality also allows you to use a range of on board features such as instant start, seamless looping, scratching and of course file searching meaning you can mix a whole set without even using a laptop.

MIDI Interface/Controller

With the ability to act as an interface and controller with a variety of popular audio/video DJ software applications that support USB MIDI interface the Denon DNS1200 is extremely versatile whilst the addition of user custom mapping or direct native support by the software vendor allows you to create your own dream set up.

Multi-Functional Touch Sensitive Jog Disc

110mm Jog Disc is constructed with an ultra-high-resolution pulse and touch sensor mechanism to accurately reproduce the most subtle or swift scratching movements made by the hand. The Jog Disc can perform other vital functions too such as, pitch bending, scanning, file searching and dry/wet control for effects.


  • Play tracks from the on board CD player or USB Mass Storage Connection
  • Multi-functional Touch Sensitive Jog Disc
  • MIDI Interface Controller (PC/MAC)
  • Hot Starts and Seamless Looping Two Hot Starts (A1 and A2) can be made on-the-fly
  • 4 Superb Built-in Effects Including Flanger, Filter (high-mid-low), Echo and Echo/Loop
  • Brake, Dump and Reverse Platter Effects
  • Next Track Function with Crossfade
  • 4-Way BPM Counter, Auto Beat Detection, Manual TAP, Manual BPM Input
  • Memo Function Cue Point, BPM, Pitch Setting and Range, Pitch On/Off, Key Adj On/Off
  • Pitch Range and Deep Pitch Resolution For DJs who Perform Long Mix Transitions and Require High Pitch Resolution
  • Key Adjust Keeps vocals and music sounding true even when you adjust the speed of the track or file
  • Vibrant Tube Display w/2-line Character Text Support Offers two lines of character information to quickly navigate through CD Text tracks and USB files
  • Built in 2-Way Pitch Bend: (Jog disc or buttons)
  • 2-Way Cue Search System: Supports traditional Denon Cueing method and another popular style as well
  • Digital and Analog Outputs



  • Type: CD/USB Media Player and Controller
  • Supported Media Types: Standard CD, CD-TEXT, CD-R, CD-RW, USB Mass Storage Device (USB HDD, USB Flash Drive)
  • Inputs: CD, USB A, USB B, 3.5mm Fader, MIDI Keyboard
  • Outputs: RCA Line Out, Digital Out, D-Link, USB B
  • Operating Temp: 5 - 35°C
  • Operational Humidity: 5 - 85%
  • Storage Temp: -20 - 60°C
  • Power Consumption: 10 W
  • Height: 87.4 mm
  • Width: 215 mm
  • Depth: 232 mm
  • Weight: 3.2 Kg


  • Quantization: 16-Bit Linear Per Channel
  • Sampling Frequency: 44.1 kHz
  • THD: 0.05% or Less
  • S/N Ratio: 100 dB or More
  • Channel Separation: 100 dB or More
  • Frequency Response: 20 - 20 kHz
  • Analog Output Level: 2.0 V R.M.S
  • Digital Output Level: 0.5 Vp-p (75 Ohms)


  • Instant Start: Within 20 msec
  • Variable Pitch (+/-): 4%, 10%, 16%, 24%, 50%, 100%
  • Pitch Bend Range (+/-): 4%, 24%, 32%, 50%, 100%
  • Platter Effects: Brake, Dump, Reverse
  • Effects: Flanger, Filter, Echo and Echo/Loop
  • Search Precision: 1/75 Sec
  • File Number (Max): 50,000 (Per Device)
  • Playlist Number (Max): 1,000 (Per Device)
  • Playlist File Number (Max): 99 (Per Device)
  • Folder Number (Max): 5,000 (Per Device)
  • Folder Files Number (Max): 1,000 (Per Folder)
  • Artist Names (Max): 20,000 (Per Device)
  • Album Titles (Max): 10,000 (Per Device)
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