Microphone Accessories

With our huge range of Mic Accessories, at Gear4music.com we have everything you need to complete your project studio to the highest of standards. To enhance your recording further we have a number of vocal effects, including TC Helicon’s much praised range, providing pitch correction, harmonization and much more in an outboard pedal.

Microphone Accessories

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About Microphone Accessories

We have a range of acoustic treatment packs to help reduce echoes, unwanted reverberation and dead space when monitoring. With room kits, traps and panels from Primacoustic, as well as solutions from Vicoustic.

Shock mounts and mic clips for most mics are available, with pop screens and isolation solutions, such as SE Electronic’s famous Reflexion Filter, are also available. In addition we have a full complement of quality cables to make sure your sound quality doesn’t deteriorate.

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