DISC Little Labs Redeye 3D Phantom, Single Unit

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  • Vintage Transformer Direct Box & Re-Amping Tool
  • Super Hi Fi Buffered or Passive Direct Box Inputs
  • Compare Direct and Re-Amped Signal with one button
  • Easily Interfaces Pro Gear with Guitar Gear
  • Expandable for Daisy Chaining to feed Multiple Amps or Pedals

DISC Little Labs Redeye 3D Phantom, Single Unit

The Little Labs Redeye 3D phantom is an improved revision of the popular Little Labs Redeye direct box / re-amp box. Improved to be the best sounding, most flexible, and easiest to use re-amping and direct box available.

Product Ref: 47191

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The Little Labs Redeye 3D Phantom provides easy and accurate re-amping by allowing you to listen through the whole recording chain; from the Redeye 3D Direct Box, to mic. pre, to DAW and Redeye 3D Re-amp to your guitar amp.

In DI mode the instrument / re-amp out on the front of the Redeye 3D works as a through signal to simultaneously feed your guitar amp while supplying signal from the rear XLR to your mic. pre and DAW.

In re-amp mode the instrument/re-amp out signal comes from the line-level output of your DAW to feed to your guitar amp. This streamlined method of monitoring through your chain and being able to bypass the mic pre and DAW in the chain makes level adjustments a cinch. It also ensures a re-amped guitar sound that is exactly what you heard when laying down the track.


  • Simultaneous vintage transformer direct box and re-amping tool
  • Effortless re-amping operation
  • Phantom-powered hi-fi buffered and passive direct box inputs
  • Compare direct and re-amped signal with one button
  • Easily interfaces pro gear with guitar gear and vice versa
  • Expandable for daisy chaining redeyes to feed multiple amps or pedals
  • Rackmountable with the optional Little Labs rakl; up to four Little Labs devices fit in a 1U space