DISC Livid Base II MIDI Controller

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  • 32 Pressure Sensitive Pads with Aftertouch
  • 9 Touch Faders and 8 Touch Buttons
  • Compatible with any Software that Supports MIDI
  • RGB LED Backlighting
  • Ultra Lightweight Heavy Duty Aluminium Construction

DISC Livid Base II MIDI Controller

Base II by Livid is a Midi Controller that blends the familiar technology of drum machines and the new and modern touch screens to provide you with a state of the art midi controller that is versatile, portable and revolutionary.

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Livid's Base II Midi Controller features touch faders that provide you with more options than any standard analog faders. The touch faders offer LED feedback that updates you with current values and can also adapt when the faders are reassigned to your software. The faders are able to deliver a note and velocity when used, making them able to be used as a switch for activating effects or even to play sounds using the faders.

The Base II has no moving parts and features an aluminium body, frame and a rubber coated bezel on the faceplate that help make this Midi controller durable, comfortable and portable. Thanks to the touch pads there are no parts sticking out that could catch or break and as it is under an inch thick it will fit in your bag with ease.

Base II can be used for any application you need it for as it is fully configurable to match your specific needs. Load up the easy-to-use web-based editor in a browser to edit all of the controls on the Base. Choose different fader display modes (walk, fill, eq, and spread), change the velocity sensitivity of the pads, switch buttons from momentary to toggle, customize the colors, and of course, edit the MIDI output. Save settings to the internal memory banks and instantly recall and display the presets with a press of a button.

This midi controller is illuminated through the use of RGB lights and simple character display, all of which are customisable using the Base Editor web app. The display and lights provide feedback on a range of different aspects from drums and synths to loops and changing presets and more.


  • 32 pressure sensitive pads with aftertouch
  • 7 assignable color modes
  • 9 touch faders with RGB LEDs
  • 8 touch buttons
  • 8 function buttons
  • Compatible with any software that supports MIDI
  • RGB LED backlighting
  • USB powered class-compliant MIDI
  • Ultra lightweight heavy-duty aluminum construction
  • Designed and built in Austin, TX USA
  • Dimensions 10.25" × 11" × 0.75"
  • Weight 1.4Kg