DISC Samson Airline 77 Vocal System E4

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  • Channel Frequency E4: 864.875 MHz
  • Completely Mobile System
  • Samson QV10e Ideal for Vocals
  • Attaches Directly to Headband Round Back of Head
  • Feedback Rejection and Versatile Connectivity Options

DISC Samson Airline 77 Vocal System E4

Samson Airline 77 Vocal System E4 is Samsons latest edition to the Airline series that featured the first micro-technology transmitters in the industry. Includes Samson Airline 77 CR77 receiver and Samson headset transmitter with QV10E mic capsule designed for both exercise/fitness and vocal applications.

Please note, this system is for Channel 4.

Product Ref: 78952

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Comfortable During Performances

The Samson Airline 77 Vocal System E4 headset transmitter features the Samson QV10e Vocal mic element. This headset is designed to go around the back of your head rather than over the top meaning the transmitter can be attached directly to the headband, out of the way and comfortable during performances.

Cardioid Pickup Pattern

The QV10E is also designed with a unidirectional mic and cardioid pickup pattern that rejects feedback. The QV10e Vocal headset is ideal for singers who need hands free live performance because of the specially designed microphone element. The transmitter offers 14 hours of operation on a single AAA battery so you don't need to worry about it giving out before you do!

UHF Receiver

This system contains the CR77 true-diversity half-rack UHF receiver which is designed to work flawlessly with all AirLine UHF transmitters. Featuring dual tuned, moulded antenna, a front panel display with large segment audio level and RF level LEDs and a large rotary volume knob that allows easy adjustment of audio output. The synthesized PLL frequency control circuitry keeps the signal locked and true whilst the LED meters monitor the system's operation. The rear panel features balanced XLR and unbalanced ¼ inch outputs allowing multiple connection options.

Effecient Rack Space

It is possible to rackmount two CR77s together in a single space rack adaptor.


  • XLR and unbalanced 1/4-inch outputs with mic/line level output switch
  • Headset transmitter features power/battery LED, power switch and mute switch
  • Headset condenser mic is sweat resistant and employs unidirectional cardioid pickup pattern for great sound
  • True diversity UHF wireless headset system with PLL frequency control
  • CR77 receiver features multi-segment audio level and RF level LED meters
  • Squelch and volume control
  • AC adapter and 1/4-inch to 1/4-inch cable included
  • Frequency 863 - 865 MHz (channel 70)
  • Can be operated license free


Transmitter (AH1)

  • Operating Power Voltage: 1.5V Typical, 1.05V Minimum, 2V Maximum
  • Current Consumption: 60mA Typical
  • Battery Life: 14 Hours (AAA size battery)
  • RF Output Power (5mW): -4dB Minimum, +3dB Maximum
  • Frequency Stability: -40kHz Minimum, 40kHz Maximum
  • Spurious: 1µW
  • Modulation Factor: 13kHz Minimum, 15kHz Typical, 17kHz Maximum, Input 1kHz-20dBv
  • Input Impedance (Mic): 2K ohms
  • THD: < 2% (1 kHz deviation 15kHz)
  • Audio Frequency Response: 50Hz - 15kHz (±3.5 dB)
  • Controls: Power Switch, Mute Switch Volume
  • Input 2.5mm Stereo Jack
  • Indicators: Power On (LED Flash), Low Battery (LED On

CR77 Receiver

  • Receiving Frequencies: USA 801-806 mHz (U1-U6), Europe 863-865 mHz (E1-E4)
  • Oscillation Type: PLL
  • De-emphasis: 50 msec
  • IF Frequency: 10.7 MHz
  • A/B Antennas: 1/4 Wavelength Rod
  • In/Out: DC Inlet, Balanced Output, Unbalanced Output
  • Display (LED): Receiver A/B (Green), Power On (Red), AF Level (6 segment), RF Level (6 segment)
  • Level Control: Audio Level Volume, Squelch Level Control
  • Operating Temperature: 0° C / 50° C
  • Operating Voltage: 12 Volts ±10%
  • Current Consumption: 160 mA (all LED lights illuminated)
  • Receiving Frequency Range: 801 – 805 MHz or 863 – 865 MHz
  • Sensitivity: 18 dBm (@ THD 2%)
  • Squelch Sensitivity: 0 - 40 dBm (Adjustable)
  • Selectivity: ±150 kHz (AF Out Ratio -60 dB)
  • T.H.D. (Overall): 1% Max (@AF 1 kHz, RF 46 dBu)
  • S/N Ratio (Overall): 90 dB (w/IHF-A Filter)
  • Residual Noise: 90 dBv (w/IHF-A Filter)
  • Band Squelch: ±40 kHz / ±100 kHz (RF IN: 46 dBu EMF)
  • AF Frequency Response: 50 Hz - 15 kHz (±3 dB overall)
  • Audio Output Level - Unbalanced: 0 dBv
  • Audio Output Level - Balanced (slide switch selectable): -20 dBm (Line), -40 dBm (Mic)
  • Audio Output Impedance - Unbalanced: 5k &Ohm;'s
  • Audio Output Impedance - Balanced: 600 &Ohm;'s
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