DISC TC Electronic Clarity X Multi-Format Monitoring System

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  • Increase Speech Intelligibility
  • Mic-Less SPL Measurement
  • Measurement Microphone Included
  • iPad Control and Integration
  • Hearing Loss Protection

DISC TC Electronic Clarity X Multi-Format Monitoring System

The Clarity X from TC Electronic is an ultra flexible monitor controller that covers channel formats up to 7.1 surround. Several advanced meters are included that allow you to never compromise on mix clarity.

Product Ref: 58407

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Audio Signal Flow

Clarity X comes with 16 AES input channels plus AUX (analog), TOS and ADAT. On the output side, you get 16 AES channels plus 8 analog outputs as well as headphones out. In total, you get 26 channels of inputs and outputs. Add the option of expanding with 64 MADI input channels and your input channel count increases to no less than 90.

The routing is extremely flexible, for instance you could switch seamlessly between two full surround mixes - maybe even one 5.1 and one 7.1 mix plus a stereo reference signal. You could then monitor your source on a 5.1 or 7.1 monitor setup, but also switch to one or more stereo pairs to check how well your mix translates to other channel formats and speaker sizes. Independently, you can route any input channel to the dedicated meter engine.

Calibrated Listening

The Clarity X includes an accurately calibrated measurement microphone, paired as a perfect match to your unit, ensuring the utmost precise calibration of your monitor system. This is essential because you are likely to mix quite differently at different SPL levels. If you calibrate your system, you simply will be able to achieve more consistent mixes.

There are several standards and recommendations for calibrated listening levels. For instance, both the EBU R128 and the ATSC A/85 broadcast standards include chapters about speaker calibration. These are well suited for productions aimed at TV. If you mix for cinema, the SMTPE RP 200 is the one to rely on as it is created for this type of high sound pressure level productions.

Meter Overview

The included meters are a very big part of Clarity X. Besides the meters in the main monitoring engine, which always reflect what you are listening to, Clarity X offers a dedicated metering engine, featuring the renowned LM8 Loudness Radar Meter. With separate independent routing, this LM8 instance will measure and display the channels you have selected for metering at all times regardless of whether you're listening to them or not.


  • Helps You Increase Speech Intelligibility: Words are key - if you can't hear them, nothing else really matters.
  • Small-Footprint Remote Control: Hands-on control of all the key functions.
  • VZD - Headphone Calibration: Clarity X is pre-calibrated to the most widely used headphones in pro audio.
  • Mic-Less SPL Measurement: After the initial calibration, Clarity X can calculate the SPL even without the measurement microphone.
  • Stereo Deviation Meter: Keep an eye on how well your surround mix translates into stereo.
  • Measurement Microphone Included: The included measurement microphone is pre-calibrated to match your particular Clarity X unit.
  • Input Tools: AV Delay, Phase Invert, Solo, Mute & Gain
  • Confidence Check: Speaker Role Check, Basic Speaker Performance Check (woofers & tweeters), Speaker Position Check, SPL Verification
  • Virtual Speaker Sets: Use the speakers of a surround setup to emulate other formats (7.1 to 5.1/2.0 and 5.1 to 2.0)
  • One-Stop Calibrated Listening: Consistent Mixes. Loudness Standard Compliant. For Any Monitor.
  • iPad Control and Integration: Take control over Clarity X with the free iPad app.
  • LM8 - 7.1 Loudness Meter: Legendary Radar Loudness Meter with full 7.1 Surround Support.
  • Master of Delay: Clarity X handles all delay-alignments, trimming the inputs and outputs. It will even doubles as a sync device that aligns image and audio perfectly.
  • Center Ratio Meter: Keep an eye on the loudness balance between your center channel and the rest.
  • Hearing Loss Protection: Dose meter tracks the SPL you are exposed to.
  • Multiple Sweetspots: Create up to 4 different sweetspots in the mixing room.
  • Output Tools: Reference levels, Calibration, X-Curve, 5 Band EQ, Phase, Delay, Gain, Solo, Mute, Dim, Cut
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