DISC myMix IEX-16L 16 Channel Line Level Expander

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  • 16 Balanced Line-Level Inputs on 2x DB-25 Connectors
  • Adds 16 Channels to myMix System in a 1U, 19'' Package
  • Convenient Signal Feed from a Mixing Console or External Microphone Preamps
  • Individual Gain Adjustment (0dB, +6dB, +12dB) Per Input
  • Can be Combined With Other myMix Input and Output Devices

DISC myMix IEX-16L 16 Channel Line Level Expander

The myMix IEX-16L-A is a 16-channel input expander for the myMix system and also includes 16 ADAT digital inputs. The IEX-16L accepts 8 pairs of analog line level signals from sources such as mixing consoles, mic. preamps, or active splitter/preamps. Audio signals sent into the IEX-16L can be configured as mono or stereo and can be named individually and appear on the network like the inputs on a myMix unit.

Product Ref: 52503

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The myMix IEX-16L equipped with two DB25 connectors and allows connection of up to 16 balanced line level signals that can be fed from devices such as mixing consoles or external mic preamps.

Multiple IEX-16L devices can be used in a myMix network. The IEX-16L can be configured using any myMix device on the network or the optional myMix CONTROL software, including input channel naming and stereo linking. The configuration is stored automatically in the IEX-16L. The myMix CONTROL software allows up/downloading of complete settings for IEX16L. The IEX16 can be locked connecting a myMix to the CONFIG port, or via myMix CONTROL. The CONFIG ports provides all data but no audio. It can also be used to connect the myMix CONTROL network interface (myMIx PLUG).


  • 16 Balanced Line Level Inputs on two DB25 Connectors
  • Adds 16 Audio Channels to myMix System in a 1U, 19-inch package
  • Independent Audio Channel Selection on every myMix unit
  • Convenient Signal Feed from a Mixing Console, External Microphone Pre-Amps or Digital Interfaces
  • Individual Digital Gain Adjustment (0dB, +6dB, +12dB) per Input Channel
  • Can be combined with other myMix Input and Output devices
  • Configuration of IEX-16L from any myMix in the network or through myMix CONTROL software
  • Works with 100MBps Fast Ethernet Switches
  • Allows the Use of multiple IEX-16L with virtually unlimited Audio Channels on Network
  • Remote Configuration with optional myMix CONTROL software (web browser based)
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