DISC myMix Network Mixer

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  • Personal Modular Mixer Console
  • Record Mixes to SD Cards
  • Connects to a Network of up to 250 Mixers via Ethernet
  • Remote Control for Sound Engineers
  • 24bit, 48kHz Audio Quality

DISC myMix Network Mixer

The myMix Mixer is a personal mixing console that allows members of a band or group to adjust their own variables without the need of a sound engineer. The myMix Mixer connects to a larger network of units via Ethernet cables. This modular system allows individual users freedom to adjust settings to their personal taste, but also allows a sound engineer to control the mixers from a separate console, broadcast sound to groups or individual units, as well as perform a wide variety of other essential tasks.

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Full Description

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The myMix Mixer is a personal mixing console for musicians. TRS balanced analog outputs, XLR and headphone inputs are available to connect your equipment on set, in the studio, or during practice.

The console can use 16 of any 250 available channels to mix on. Effects such as volume, tone control, pan, solo and mute can be controlled on each individual channel, while 7 integrated stereo effects are available to create a 3D sound image. Power is supplied by a power unit or an attached Ethernet cable. Multi-track recording on to SD cards is available, allowing you to record your mix, take it away with you and play it back, or bring recorded ideas along to group sessions.

The myMix Mixer connects to a larger network of mixers via the Ethernet cable; this allows a sound engineer to monitor individual mixers and alter calibrations. The engineer can talk to individual mixers, reducing confusion and disorganisation on set. Alternatively the engineer can group mixers and talk to them together.

Musicians and sound engineers no longer need to compromise with their sound anymore. Individual musicians in a group can alter their mix as they see fit without prior consultation with the sound engineer. The engineer can remotely alter individual mixers giving a wide range of control and freedom to every member of a production or sound group.


''The myMix has actually allowed me to concentrate on the performance instead of trying to attract the engineer's attention so he can adjust the levels of what i hear onstage. The myMix allows each musician to have control over what they hear in their monitor'' - Ard Matthews, Lead Singer of Just Jinjer

''I use myMix in my studio. The fact that all musicians can dial in their own mix is incredible. I am very picky when it comes to how things sound and I'm incredibly impressed with how true and transparent myMix is'' - Oliver Leiber, Producer, Songwriter, Musician


  • Impeccable audio quality with 24-bit, 48 kHz throughout the system
  • Create a stereo mix using up to 16 from 250 audio channels
  • Intuitive User Interface with meaningful channel names
  • Volume, Tone Control, Effect Send, Pan, solo and Mute per channel
  • 7 integrated stereo effects to create a 3-D sound image
  • Autosave of all changes applied to the mix, with 20 profiles available.
  • 2 local network inputs (mic/line level) with phantom power
  • Multi-track recording (16 +2) on SD cards (24-bit wav-files)
  • Auto saving in up to 20 profiles
  • 4-band fully parametric master EQ
  • Send Mix to Network to listen to other devices or create submixes
  • Outputs for balanced line levels and headphones
  • Ships with microphone stand adapter and power-supply
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