DJ Tech Tools MIDI Fighter 3D Software Controller - Box Opened

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  • Full Customizable High Performance RGB Arcade Buttons
  • Full 3D Motion Tracking
  • Gyroscope, Accelerometer and Compass
  • 4 Banks of Controls and 6 Side Buttons
  • Greats for DJs and Producers

DJ Tech Tools MIDI Fighter 3D Software Controller - Box Opened


The MIDI Fighter has been designed to stand up to the rigours battering most controllers take over the course of a live set. This is a high performance controller that had been designed to be played hard and battered around, all in the name of music. It really doesn't matter what software your using as the MIDI Fighter is fully customisable and can be mapped to any MIDI compatible software. So why is this controller special? Well it contains a gyroscope, accelerometer and compass to accurately translate every motion into musical expression.

Please note, the box has been opened as part of our quality control inspections and as such all the seals have been broken. The item itself is brand new and has never been used.

This is a great opportunity to buy a fully functioning product at a discounted price, supplied with a one year warranty.

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Full Description

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That's right, arcade buttons. The MIDI Fighter is fitted with 16 of the best arcade buttons, designed to give hours of "Street Fighter" reminiscent button bashing. The lights glow in different colours to translate what is happening with the motion control. The MIDI Fighter is the first instrument of its kind, revolutionising the way we control music and how we interact with sound. Inside the MIDI Fighter is a state of the art gyroscope, accelerometer and compass which is be used to translate every movement into MIDI data.

The accuracy and the feel of the motion sensors provide the smoothest feel you can possibly dream of, combined with 16 Sanwa arcade buttons, which are made in Japan. There button are rated at 5 million presses and will probably never break in lifetime of constant use.

What are the side buttons for?

These are six shift buttons that can be used for preset selection or just about anything you want. We will be releasing a hand strap that allows you to hold the 3D in your hand and activate the side buttons while holding it - guitar style.

Can I set the colours of the buttons on the fly?

Yes- the firmware for the 3D is amazing! It allows you to set the colours of the buttons with various patterns, blinking, and effects all from software via MIDI-out commands.

How accurate is the 3D Tracking?

The range of each movement is always absolute and reliable so you can always find a value through muscle memory. The values and quality of the data coming out is unprecedented.

Can we customize the look of the 3D

The first batch will be matte black, with the ability to control the colour of the arcade button rings via software.


  • Depth: 6''
  • Width: 6''
  • Height: 1.5''
  • Weight: 1lb
Key Features
  • Accurate, detailed precision on all axis
  • Full motion tracking of tilt, pan, and rotation.
  • Map accelerometer data to any midi-compatible effect or software
  • Traktor Pro, Ableton Live and Serato Scratch official mappings
  • Customizable, animated LED color rings
Minimum System Requirements
  • The MidiFighter 3D is a class compliant, plug and play controller.
  • It will work with any computer that has a USB port and supports MIDI.