DISC Antelope Audio Eclipse 384 Master AD/DA Converter

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  • 384kHz Sample Rate Conversion
  • Dual-Channel Converter
  • Ideal For Live and Studio Applications
  • 64-Bit DSP Trinity-Level Clocks
  • Two Independent Sample Rates

DISC Antelope Audio Eclipse 384 Master AD/DA Converter

The Antelope Audio Eclipse 384 Master AD/DA Converter is a dual-channel, AD-/D-A converter featuring speaker switching, bass management and cue mix controls plus 64-bit DSP trinity-level clocks. This high-performance converter is ideal for boosting your sound quality between analog and digital audio signals. Additionally, it features two independent sample rates with the 64-bit DSP trinity-level clocking providing maximum efficiency and audio quality.

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Exceptional Audio Quality and Conversion

The Eclipse 384 provides you with superb audio quality and conversion settings resulting in a natural-sounding analog-based conversion. The innovative dual-domain clock system facilitates the sample rate conversion with integral patching and routing capabilities, resulting in transparent monitoring of both analog and digital sources. The Eclipse 384 with dramatically lower your noise floor and enable you to minimise any distortion, jitter and eliminate cable noise resulting in exceptional sonic qualities and performance.

Live And Studio Applications

Primarily designed for studio use, the Eclipse 384 is also ideal for live applications with the master clock allowing you to use the converter with other digital consoles and external devices. This innovative design means you can generate sync references for up to four separate devices for maximum versatility over your connected devices. The D/A can be use for backing material such as instrumental tracks while the A/D feeds redundant recording system and monitor DAC checks the recording post A/D conversion. This is ideal for live use, perfect for use at concerts and live events.

64-Bit DSP Trinity-Level Clocks

One of the most unique features of this AD/DA converter is the 64-bit DSP trinity-level clocks. The 384kHz A/D & D/A converters both feature two independent 64-bit DSP trinity-level clocks which helps to deliver a more natural sounding sample rate conversion. The integrated monitor controllers delivers 0.05dB gold-plated relay attenuators, providing speaker switching, bass management and cue mix controls with an integrated talkback function. Additionally there is two dedicated headphone amplifier with a custom USB interface, plus two large peak meters on the front panel for monitoring purposes. The software control panel that comes included allows you to set up to five nameable presets, giving you the option to recall your favourite setups and settings.


  • 64-bit DSP Trinity-quality clocking
  • Oven-controlled oscillator
  • Factory calibrated to better than +/- 0.001 ppm stability
  • Two independent sample rates
  • Varispeed capability of +/- 200 cents
  • 10M atomic clock input
  • 384 kHz A/D & D/A converters
  • A/D with Dynamic Range of 124dB
  • D/A with Dynamic Range of 129dB
  • Burr-Brown D/A conversion chip
  • Two bypassable A/D inserts
  • Custom USB 2.0 chip streaming up to 480 Mbits
  • Three sets of switchable monitor outs
  • Second dedicated monitor D/A
  • Bass management with LFE output
  • Precise input and output peak meters
  • Talkback and cue mix functions
  • Relay volume attenuator matched to 0.05 dB



Analog Inputs
  • 3 x Combo Balanced Analog (XLR / ¼ TRS)
  • 2 x ¼ TRS A/D Insert points
  • 1 x ¼ TRS Talkback
  • 1 x ¼ TRS Foot switch
Digital Inputs
  • 3 x AES/EBU on XLR. 32kHz to 192kHz @ 110 Ohms terminated
  • 2 x S/PDIF on RCA. 32kHz to 192kHz @ 75 Ohms terminated
  • 2 x TOSLINK on optical fiber: up to 96kHz


Analog Outputs
  • 2 x Balanced XLR outputs from D/A Converter
  • 3 x Balanced Outputs for monitors (1 x XLR and 2 x TRS)
  • 1 x Balanced XLR LFE Ou
  • 2 x ¼ TRS Cue Mix Headphones
  • 2 x ¼ TRS Front Headphones
Digital Outputs
  • 2 x AES/EBU on XLR for the A/D converter out (32kHz to 192kHz; 384kHz for dual wire when 384kHz is selected in the clock) @ 110 Ohms terminated
  • 2 x De-jittered AES/EBU on XLR (32kHz to 192kHz; 384kHz for dual wire when 384kHz is selected in the clock) @ 110 Ohms terminated
  • 1 x De-jittered S/PDIF on RCA (32kHz to 192kHz) @ 75 Ohms terminated
  • 1 x De-jittered TOSLINK on optical fiber: up to 96kHz


  • USB 2.0 Hi-Speed; Data stream up to 480Mbits/384kHz, Type B

World Clock

  • 1 x 10M Atomic Clock input @ 75 Ohms 3Vpp on BNC 44.1 - 384kHz
  • 1 x Word Clock Input @ 75 Ohms 3Vpp on BNC 44.1 - 384kHz
  • 4 x Word Clock Outputs @ 75 Ohms 3Vpp on BNC 44.1 - 384kHz square wave signal

D/A Converter

  • Dynamic Range: 129dB
  • THD + N: 0.0004

A/D Converter

  • Dynamic Range: 123dB
  • THD + N: 0.0004

Clock Specs

  • Clocking System:
    • 4th Generation Acoustically Focused Clocking
    • 64-bit DDS
    • Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator
  • Clocking Stability:
  • Clock Aging:
  • Clock Calibration:
  • Atomic Clock Input: 10MHz @ 1Vpp, BNC
  • Sample Rates (kHz): 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192, 352.8, 384
  • Clock Generators: 2 Independent Clock Generators
  • Varispeed:
    • +/-200 cents
    • + 12.246
    • 10.910
  • Operating Temperature: 0-50ºC/32- 122ºF
  • Weight: 8 kg/17,64 lb
  • Dimensions (approx.):
    • Width: 483 mm/19"
    • Height: 88 mm/3.47"
    • Depth: 282 mm/11.1"
  • Power Supply: AC Universal input 95-245VAC 20 Watts Max Consumption
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