DISC Arturia Prophet V2 Software Synthesizer

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DISC Arturia Prophet V2 Software Synthesizer


Arturia have taken the FIRST and the LAST synthesizers created by Sequential Circuits and brought them to you in an easy to use software instrument format. As with all other soft synths created by Arturia, they bring you replicas of the Prophet-5 and Prophet VS both visually and sonically.

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Using the PROPHET V will be second nature to the connoisseurs out there and if you are new to these synths, the only thing you will miss by not having the hardware versions is the workout you'd get from transporting them to the studio.

Since the PROPHET V is designed with Arturia's TAE technology, you can be sure you will not give up sound quality.


  • A revolutionary preset navigation system called SoundMap ( V 2.0 )
  • New e-licenser (old Syncrosoft) copy protection ( V 2.0 )
  • MIDI RPN "pitch bend range" message is now recognized ( V 2.0 )
  • Ability to use NRPN midi messages for automation ( V 2.0 )
  • Fresh batch of presets made by a selection of top sound designers ( V 2.0 )
  • Presets now respond to modulation wheel ( V 2.0 )
  • Double click on joystick resets to center position ( V 2.0 )
  • Lower CPU utilization on Mac OSX ( V 2.0 )
  • Windows 7/Snow Leopard officially supported ( V 2.0 )
  • Vista/Windows 7 compatibility no longer requires UAC deactivation ( V 2.0 )

NEW! in version 2.0:

Sound MAP: Explore hundreds of sounds using our revolutionary Sound MAP. Locate areas you like and pick a sound that will stimulate your creativity. Morph sounds on the MAP by clicking anywhere you like. Add filters to make your search easier, or get back to the traditional list of presets, by sound-designer or by type. Be creative, be funky, be a sound-traveller.


  • Three synthesizers in one:
  1. Prophet 5
  2. Prophet VS
  3. Prophet Hybrid

* All the original parameters of the Prophet 5 and Prophet VS * New audio connection matrix * New modulation matrix switch for the 2 synthesizers * New Chorus and Stereo delay effects * More than 400 presets created by talented musicians and synthesizers specialists


  • Windows: Windows XP/Vista/Seven
  • Mac OS X: Mac OS X 10.4 or higher and Universal Binary

Prophet V 2.0 is protected by e-Licenser.

This is a free upgrade for previous version owners. You'll be able to download your Prophet V 2.0 and request your Syncrosoft Activation code. A short online guide will help you in upgrading your product.