DISC Avantone Pro Abbey Studio Monitor, Black

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  • 3-Way Active Studio Monitor
  • Custom Air Motion Transformer Tweeter
  • Front-Firing Bass Port
  • XLR and TRS Inputs
  • Reference-Grade Audio For Mixing and Mastering

DISC Avantone Pro Abbey Studio Monitor, Black

The Avantone Pro Abbey is a 3-way active studio monitor featuring a high SPL and a wide frequency range. Building on the success of the Avantone Mixcube, the Avantone Pro Abbey delivers exceptional accuracy and efficiency, ideal for mixing and mastering. The speaker?s enclosure features a bass reflex design with a front firing bass reflex port for added power in the lower frequency band. The 3-way design ensures maximum efficiency, with each amplifier assigned to individual frequency band to achieve the stellar audio quality the Avantone Pro Abbey produces. Featuring excellent transient response and precise clarity, the Avantone Pro Abbey is perfect for digital musicians and multimedia artists alike.

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Reference-Grade Audio Quality

The full-range frequency response the Avantone Pro Abbey delivers is ideal for mixing and mastering, letting you hear every nuance of the original audio as it was intended. The two custom designed 6.5’’ LF drivers featuring a cast aluminium frame for optimal power and presence, as well as the front firing bass reflex port adding even more to the low frequency band. This ensures the bass tones produced from the speaker are as transparent and clear as possible. The high frequency driver features Avantone’s custom air motion transformer for improve performance and audio quality. One of the most unique features of the Avantone Pro Abbey is its subwoofer which is located on the side of the cabinet enclosure, this ensures maximum performance value and increase bass response. The 3-way design ensures a seamless transition between all frequency bands for improved performance and increased audio quality.

Design & Construction

The bass-reflex enclosure the drivers are housed in is specially designed to ensure maximum efficiency and audio quality from the bottom end frequencies. This produces a dominant yet transparent low-frequency response, allowing you to easily tweak the lower bands when it comes to mixing and mastering. The internal components of speaker utilise a heat-sink aluminium panel to cool the monitor down, ensuring the monitor will not overheat; every after prolonged use. The front-firing bass reflex port located on the front of the monitor ensures the bass response cuts through for an even more prominent low-end. The cabinet itself is based on a bass reflex design comprising of 18mm MDF with polyester acoustical stuffing for optimal audio quality and performance. Additionally the Avantone Pro abbey features both XLR (balanced) and TRS (unbalanced) inputs to connect the speaker to a range of other audio devices such as USB interfaces and more.


  • 6.5’’ woofer, 5.25’’ midrange
  • 3-way active studio reference monitor
  • Avantone’s air motion transformer tweeter
  • Wide frequency range captures every nuance of the original audio
  • Bass-reflex design with front-firing bass reflex port
  • XLR and TRS inputs
  • Available in black or cream


  • System Type: Active (Self-Powered) full-range stereo pair
  • System Frequency Response: 35Hz-38,000Hz (Accessible musical range)
  • Max SPL: 106dB @ 1 meter (pink noise); 108dB at 1 meter @1%THD (1kHz)
  • Amplifier: Class HD
  • High and Mid Frequency: each 100WRMS, THD+N=0.5%
  • Low Frequency: 200WRMS, THD+N=0.5%
  • Amp Frequency Response: 22Hz-40KHz +1dB/- 3dB (50Hz-25KHz +/-0.25dB)
  • Noise: S/N -113 dB "A" Weighted; THD+N=Cooling: Heat Sink-Aluminium panel
  • Drivers:
    • High Frequency: Proprietary design, 3640mm2 air motion transformer
    • Mid Frequency: Proprietary Design 4 ohm 5.25" Cast Aluminium Frame / Paper Cone/Shielded, 25mm voice coil
    • Low Frequency: two custom designed 6.5" drivers with cast aluminium frame, 34mm voice coil
  • Cabinet: Bass reflex design /18mm MDF/ with polyester acoustical stuffing
  • Inputs: XLR & TRS +4dB Balanced and -10dB unbalanced
  • Sensitivity: 0dBu (.775VRMS) input at maximum volume (+6dB) = 104dB SPL
  • Cabinet Dimensions: 270Wx360Hx385D (10.6"x14.2"x15.2")
  • Cabinet Weight: 16kg (35.2lb)
  • Warranty: 5 Year Limited Manufacture Warranty
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