DISC Samson MTR101a Studio Condenser Microphone + Accessories

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  • Wide Frequency Response
  • Use for Recording and Live Performance
  • Ideal for Vocals and Instruments
  • Internal Shock Mounting
  • Includes Mic Clip, Pop Shield and Shockmount

DISC Samson MTR101a Studio Condenser Microphone + Accessories


The MTR101a is a large, 1 inch diaphragm studio condenser microphone. Ideal for recording, close miking instruments, as a room mic and more, the MTR101a is a professional and versatile mic which can be used in a variety of live and studio situations. It also comes with extra accessories including a shockmount and pop shield.

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The MTR101 features a cardioid pickup pattern that provides increased isolation of a sound source and can handle high SPLs of up to 137dB. With a smooth extended frequency response, low self noise and a wide dynamic range the MTR101 captures quality audio.

Extra Accessories

The internally shock mounted capsule also reduces handling noise and external vibrations. This rugged die cast mic comes with a mic clip which is designed to fit all standard mic stands. Plus this MTR101a comes with a pop filter and shockmount for the best possible recording set-up. The pop filter has a stainless mesh screen that reduces vocal popping and sibilance. Its easily attached to and removed from the mic.


The Samson MTR101 is perfect for studio vocals. The cardioid pickup pattern provides increased isolation avoiding unwanted noise, highlighting only the vocalist. Consequently the MTR101 is ideal for any vocal performance where good rear rejection is needed or for use as a "Mid" mic in a Mid-0Side stereo setup. The mic's wide 20Hz - 20kHz frequency response can capture the dynamics of any voice with ease.


Because of the wide frequency range and its ability to handle SPL, the MTR101 is ideal for use as a room mic or for close miking of a variety of instruments either live or in the studio. From guitar cabinets and drums to pianos and orchestral, the MTR101 is designed to authentically reproduce a full range of instrumental tones.


  • Large, 1-inch diaphragm studio condenser microphone
  • Cardioid pickup pattern for increased isolation
  • Smooth, extended frequency response of 20Hz-20kHz
  • Low self-noise, wide dynamic range perfect for recording
  • Handles high SPLs of up to 137dB
  • Internally shock-mounted capsule reduces handling noise and external vibrations
  • Rugged die cast construction
  • Includes mic clip