DISC Pearl 525RB Quantz Flute, Open Hole Keys B Footjoint

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  • Ideal For Beginners and Students
  • Silver Plated Body and Headjoint
  • Extended "B" Footjoint
  • French Style Open Hole Keys
  • Sterling Silver Lip and Riser

DISC Pearl 525RB Quantz Flute, Open Hole Keys B Footjoint


The Pearl Quantz 525RB Flute is a reliable and affordable instrument ideal for those starting out, but with an array of more professional features for later advancement. Featuring a Silver plated body and headjoint with a Sterling Silver lip and riser, along with French-style open hole keys and an extended "B" footjoint, this high quality student flute is versatile, responsive and fun to play, sure to satisfy most any player.

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Mouthpiece - Ergonomically designed mouthpiece for a comfortable feel during long performances and rehearsals.

Core Bar - One piece construction for increased durability.

Ergonomic Keys - Specially designed keys to offer grip and comfort across the playing surface.

Nickel Body - Nickel body with silver plating for a classic look and tone.

Offset G - Encourages an improved finger technique and better posture.

B Footjoint

The flute features an extended "B" footjoint, which allows the instrument to play notes down to a low B, a semitone below the lowest note of the standard "C" footjoint. As well as improving the instrument's range, the longer tube adds a little extra resistance as you play, providing the flute with a darker, more mellow tone.

French Style Open Hole Keys

The flute's Inline G key design, favoured by professional players, offers a more "traditional" response than the alternative Offset G mechanism. The instrument also features "French"-style open hole keys, popular with flautists of every level. This key design requires more precision to play than "Plateau"-style closed keys, but offers greater freedom of expression and allows players to experiment with more advanced techniques such as quarter tones and glissandos.

Pinless Mechanism and One-Piece Core Bar

The combination of the pinless mechanism and one-piece bar design helps to provide incredible strength to the instrument, without hindering how freely the keywork responds or adding weight to the instrument. A great choice for students who take their instruments to and from school regularly.


  • Body: Silver Plated
  • Lip Plate: Sterling Silver
  • Head Joint: Silver Plated
  • Foot Joint: Low B
  • G Mechanism: Inline G
  • Tone Holes: Drawn
  • Keys: Open Hole