DISC Trevor James Alphasax Eb Alto Saxophone, Pink

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  • Keywork Designed Specifically for Smaller Hands
  • Fully Chromatic, Two-Octave Range
  • 33 Percent Lighter Than Standard Saxophone
  • Key of Eb
  • Includes Case, Mouthpiece, Reed & Support Strap

DISC Trevor James Alphasax Eb Alto Saxophone, Pink


The Trevor James Alphasax Eb Alto Saxophone features a pink lacquer finish with high quality pisoni pads and metal reflectors. One of the most endearing qualities of this model is its lightweight design, weighing 33 percent less than other standard models. This makes the Alphasax perfect for beginners who want to practise for long periods of time and can get players starting 2-3 years earlier than they once could. Recommended by teachers, this saxophone has a full 2 octave range and is suitable for ABRSM Grades 1-3. The saxophone comes equipped with a lightweight moulded case and shoulder straps, BG harness strap, mouthpiece with cap and Vandoren reed.

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Please Note: Image is for reference purposes only. Actual product features silver hardware.

More Manageable Instrument

In order to make the saxophone easier to play for those with smaller hands, the low B and Bb keys have been removed, along with the top D#, E and F keys. This makes the design 33 percent lighter than a standard saxophone and much more manageable for younger players. A combination of keys have been moved so that they are more ergonomic and comfortable to play. All this still gives a full chromatic scale from low C all the way through to high D, making it suitable still for the ABRSM Grades 1-3.

Lightweight Instrument and Case

The lightweight design is a key feature of the Trevor James Alphasax. Weighing only 1.86kg, the instrument is 33 percent lighter than a conventional saxophone. This makes it great for younger performers. The case is also light, weighing just 1.48kg. Travel has never been easier. Players can now take the saxophone to school or lessons and not need to worry about damage or scratches to the finish.

Everything You Need

Included with this saxophone is everything a beginner needs to start playing as soon as it arrives. As well as the lightweight case, the pack includes a BG harness strap which can take the weight of the saxophone off the arms and onto the neck, allowing for longer and more comfortable playing. The pack also includes a mouthpiece with cap, reed and ligature.


  • Left Hand Palm Keys for Top D#, E and F
  • low B & Bb Keys
  • Right Hand Side F# Keys and Side C Key
  • Top D Key
  • G# and Low C# Keys
  • Low D# and C keys


  • Body Material: Pink Lacquer Body
  • Pads: High Quality Pisoni Pads with Metal Reflectors
  • Included Accessories: Lightweight Moulded Case with Shoulder Straps, BG Harness Strap, Mouthpiece with Cap and Vandoren Reed