Pirastro String Oil, 50ml

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  • 1.20 £/10ml
  • Removes Unwanted Rosin From String Surface
  • Lengthens The Life Of Strings
  • Great On Oiled Gut Strings

Pirastro String Oil, 50ml


Pirastro String Oil offers a new lease of life to deadened strings by removing rosin from the surface of the strings. The aim is to improve the longevity of the strings meaning changing strings is done less frequently, thus saving money! This oil is especially useful for any gut or oiled strings.

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When applying Pirastro String Cleaner for the first time, ensure to use a sparing amount on a small test area. From there, a lint free cloth with a small amount will achieve the desired results.

PLEASE NOTE - do not allow this cleaner to come in direct contact with the instrument. Should this occur, wipe up immediately.