Ahead Phil Rudd Signature Drumsticks

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  • Fast and Powerful Signature Drumsticks with Extended Reach
  • 50% Less Shock and 5% More Rebound
  • High Quality Nylon Tip Provides a Softer Wood-Like Sound
  • Ergonomically Tuned Handles
  • Replaceable Cover, Nylon Tip and Ring

Ahead Phil Rudd Signature Drumsticks


The Ahead Phil Rudd Signature Drumsticks were designed specifically for Phil and his demanding performances with AC/DC, these sticks utilise a longer 5A design with more reach, power and articulation. These signature drumsticks feature a nylon tip that provides a brighter, more articulate sound, built-in vibration control (VRS) and deliver 50% less shock with 5% more rebound than traditional wooden drumsticks.

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  • 50% less shock
  • Lasts 6 to 10 times longer
  • 5% more rebound
  • High precision alloy core guarantees consistent weight and balance (variations of less than 1%)
  • Replaceable covers, tips and rings
  • High quality, unbreakable nylon tip provides a brighter, more articulate sound
  • Super-hard polyurethane replaceable covers protect your drumsticks
  • Ergonomically tuned handles
  • Built-in Vibration Control System (VRS)


  • Length: 41.275cm / 16.25''
  • Diameter: 1.371cm / 0.540''
  • Wall Thickness: 0.076cm / 0.030''
  • Weight: 53g / 0.116lb
  • Taper: Medium
  • Cover: MT
  • Tip: 5AT
  • Blend Ring: RGB5A