Yamaha YCL255S Student Bb Clarinet Players Pack

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  • Includes Case, Mouthpiece, Ligature and Reed
  • Perfect Clarinet For Beginners By Yamaha
  • Durable ABS Resin Body With Matte Surface
  • Adjustable Thumbrest for a More Comfortable Feel
  • Accurate Intonation and Immediate Response

Yamaha YCL255S Student Bb Clarinet Players Pack


The Yamaha YCL255S Student Clarinet is the perfect beginner clarinet to start a musical career. This instrument has an ABS resin body and a 17 key Boehm system. This makes it easy to maintain and produces the authentic sound of a wooden clarinet. The clarinet comes as standard with a case, to protect the instrument during travel, as well as a mouthpiece, ligature and reed. The pack also comes with a Gear4music Clarinet stand, music stand, maintenance care kit, student book, BG mouthpiece cushions and korg tuner + contact microphone.

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ABS Resin Body and Boehm System

The Yamaha YCL255S Clarinet is ideal for beginners. An ABS resin body makes this instrument extremely durable and means it won't split and crack like some conventional wooden instruments. Although made from a resin material, the sound is still incredibly authentic and mellow. The clarinet is also more lightweight than traditional wooden alternatives, making it great for younger students. The Yamaha instrument uses the Boehm system which is the most common and practised system for clarinets.

New Barrel Design and Adjustable Thumb Rest

The barrel on this student model clarinet has been redesigned to 65mm to bring it in line with the top end Yamaha instruments. The barrel produces a concentrated and focused tone with more resistance than on previous models. As a result, it is easier for students to create a more musical tone. The adjustable thumb rest also accommodates different sized hands and helps develop proper technique.


This Yamaha Student Bb Clarinet Pack comes with a range of accessories, ideal for a student or beginner looking to start playing the instrument. As standard the clarinet comes with a mouthpiece, ligature, reed and case. The pack also includes a Gear4music Clarinet stand, music stand, maintenance care kit, student book, mouthpiece cushions and Korg slimpitch chromatic tuner + contact microphone, grey.


  • Body: Matte ABS resin
  • Keys: Silver-plated nickel silver
  • System: Boehm
  • Keys: 17 Keys, 6 Rings
  • Barrel length: 65mm
  • Thumb-rest: Adjustable
  • ToneHoles: Straight tone holes with tapered undercut

Included Accessories

  • CLC-200EII Light Case, Yamaha 4C Mouthpiece, Ligature and Reed
  • BG Mouthpiece Cushion Sax and Clarinet
  • Gear4music Clarinet Stand
  • Music Stand by Gear4music
  • Clarinet Maintenance Care Kit by Gear4music
  • D'Addario Archives 6 Stave, 64 Pages, Spiral Student Book
  • Korg Slimpitch Chromatic Tuner + Contact Microphone, Grey
  • Vandoren Traditional Bb Clarinet Reed, Strength 2 (10 Pack)